Sunday, 6 February 2011

Resolutions am I doing vs the charter?

Gorgeous Notepad see here

So on the 3rd of January I posted a blog about Resolutions and what mine were for the year. Some challenges and goals to keep me motivated for the year to acheive new and exciting things ahem (read here). In a regular feature here is how I'm getting on with these since I put them out there into cyberspace...

Overall report on January's progress is must try harder!! (ooh gosh how I remember that and "if she applied half as much effort to her school work as she does to talking she would be an A student" from my school reports)

So a quick refresh on what were the goals -
  1. Visit Oxford Family
  2. Go to Warmwell (dry skiing place)
  3. Book ski holiday
  4. Train to complete a half marathon
  5. Go to Snowdonia
  6. Enjoy IOW and Glastonbury festivals
  7. Learn piano
So where are we at?
  1. We will hopefully be going up in May to Oxford for a party (plenty of outfit planning time huzzah). So Mr P can meet the whole of the clan in one fell swoop yay
  2. Clearly with Mr P being sub-par at the moment a trip to Warmwell is on hold for now, but I think a trip in maybe April/May time for a starter lesson for me on skis (seriously he would hate to miss the chance of seeing me tumbling down a slope at speed) will be on the cards!
  3. We have started talking/planning/costing up a January 2012 trip woohooo - although ages away the looking forward part of a holiday is almost as good as the actual holiday so I'm glad we have ages to plan (LISTS and LISTS and LISTS oh the joy I love, love, love it!!) Plus this gives me ample time to track down all the things I will need and purchase them over time so I can hunt out the bargains and not do a last minute expensive emergency panic shop.
  4. Hmmm - epic fail here. No training. None whatsoever. Not even stuck my nose inside the gym. Not even driven down the road with the gym on it. I could blame the crazy life at present but that would just be an excuse as I haven't been for ages before things all went mental so - MUST, MUST, MUST TRY HARDER.
  5. Again no actual progress on this one, not even in the discussion phase, but possibly this is a latter part of the year, post summer type trip s I'm not too worried.
  6. Clearly can't do until June - however am avidly following all twitter updates for any hint of a line up announcement on Glasto (U2, Coldplay and Prince to headline possibly? Who knows) and IOW's line up is looking awesome
  7. The piano playing has actually made some progress for a change...I have worked my way through my first beginner's piano book - it is so adorable I think it is actually aimed at the under 10's but made learning the notes/finger placement/dual hand playing so much easier than I thought it would be! So I am now available for all social occasions requiring a piano player to play Happy Birthday, Good King Wenceslas and Help! by the Beatles. A strange repertoire maybe but one that is very satisfying for me.
As for my other current challenge - the downsizing from Personal to Pocket Filofax, after last week's wobble I'm doing better. I've bought some more notepaper and to do sheets for the Deco and am trialling a new set on that to follow

So how are your New Year Resolutions going? Fallen off the wagon yet or are you steadfast in your missions? Tell me all....


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  1. I think you are doing very well. Remember you have 11 more months to go! I didnt set any resolutions but I did set goals for myself which are not going too badly! :-)