Wednesday, 2 November 2011

I Love Harper's Bazaar....

So I was at work on Monday, miserable cold weather outside the window feeling all the Monday blues when I got a phone call on my mobile. As I didn't know the number I let it go to voicemail (well I was working very hard at the time). When I picked up the message at 5.30 you could have knocked me off my chair! It was only a lovely lady from Harper's Bazaar asking me to give her a call as I'd won the Filofax competition they ran in the last issue...

Yep. You read that correctly. I WON A FILOFAX IN A COMPETITION!!!! Like a real proper competition for something lovely. And I won. I never win competitions!!!!!

So which one was it I hear you cry, well, I'll let the photos do the talking!

I literally ripped open the envelope
Lovely note from Harper's Bazaar
Of course the box was lovely as always
Can you see which one it is?
Yep! It's an Enigma, in Brindle, the one I was lusting after here but was mega expensive!!!
Out of the box and the leather is so soft and smooth, almost silky shiny to touch, and the colours are really warm and autumnal. All in all one very chic looking Filofax I think you'll agree!
I love the metal edging on the clasp fastener
Inside front you have a zip pocket, a full length pocket and 6 credit card holders plus the pen loop
Close up of the pockets 
A cotton cream 2012 week on two pages was included (yay I needed this diary format!!) plus all the usual dividers/paper etc
Close up of the pockets
The inside back cover has a popper pocket
I quite like the idea of this it's similar to the Deco as that also has a popper pocket
The back!
The close up with flash on the camera means the colour looks really washed out. The rest of the photos are a really close match to the actual colour but you can see the pattern well here. 

So there we go, I am a super lucky Filofax fanatic tonight with this gorgeous new addition to my collection!! As I never would have bought it at full price as OMG it's expensive as you can see on the Filofax website

So what do you think my lovelies? Do you love the Enigma or do you think it looks like roadkill like Mr P  who clearly has no taste apart from in women and diamond rings ;0)