Sunday, 18 November 2012

All change for's a Filofax diary revamp


Well not exactly all change I mean I'm still using a Filofax, still using a Filofax insert but I am planning on trying out a new diary format in 2013! I used to adore the week on one page with notes but then had a planner crisis and then when I was lucky enough to receive my Amethyst Deco I moved to Cotton Cream week on two pages inserts as they were so much nicer for the gorgeous binder (see here) And this has worked really well for me for quite a while....

However I'm currently finding that there's just not enough room for me to write everything down that I need to do so I end up with additional note lists hole punched in

Wonky photo no 1

These Chococat note pages are super cute and I'm sure I'll carry on using them occasionally but they don't half bulk out the binder when you end up with 3 or 4 a week!!

So I started to consider changing up my format for the new year as with the wedding coming up the number of things to do/remember/check per week gets larger than ever so I figured a bit more space on the daily planner would be a huge help!

Cue the 2 days per day inserts!

I picked these up months ago from Selfridges stationary hall - if you ever visit London you have to go check out Selfridges and their stationery department I just adore it and it's right next to the magazine section so you can browse all the magazines from overseas as well as our UK versions - I nearly always end up purchasing a couple of American editions of either In Style, Marie Claire or Glamour plus any Martha Stewart magazines I can spy. Yes I download these occasionally via Zinio on my iPad but I'm a sucker for a printed magazine!!!

Anyway.....I saw this 2013 insert and wondered if the additional room could be worth a try and picked it up. Fast forward several months and I can actually add it into my Filofax and start seeing if/how it works for me!

It makes my Aston pretty chunky alongside all the other notes and bits I keep in there:

But certainly when I have it open allows for a much bigger area for writing, making lists and doodling!

Now one of things that worried me first off before I set this insert up was not seeing my whole week at a glance but because I use the month on two pages inserts in my binder as well I always have the brief overview to hand..

Wonky photo no 2 - so sorry for the wonky photos but Blogger keeps turning them round...grrr
But now that I'm starting to fill in the half a page per day I'm really starting to like the additional space and I can see the whole week easily enough by flipping the pages over - plus they also have a snazzy notes box right next to the weekend pages cool eh!

I have to say though reading up on everyone else's planner formats for 2013 I'm a little jealous of the daytimer inserts, the print your own (some of Ray and Steve's inserts for next year look really great) and of course LimeTreeFruits's designs are so so pretty....but I'm going to see how I get on with these first....

Is anyone else making a change next year? Any recommendations on ways to utilise these inserts to their best ?



  1. Hi. I'm also changing for 2013. I've been using a page a day in a personal Adelphi. Next year going to a WO2P in the Adelphi, with more detailed notes in an A5 page a day (a very old City Filofax). I've already started using the set up for the A5 and so far, I like :) I use my Filofax for a lot of reminders around the house and it was getting hard to see appointments in the personal. I sync them at least once a week (on a Sunday).

    I can understand why you have to upscale your planner though. Lots of planning going on for you ;)

    I hope you have a good week ahead.

    1. Thanks Rubbishbin, glad it's not just me that needs the bigger pages (although the weight of her now I'm highly tempted to try and downscale again to a Pocket Size...folly I'm sure but so tempting!!)