Sunday, 4 November 2012

November Already....a sneaky list and Filofax tour

So checking my Filofax it appears that we are in November (the 3rd as I write this actually!) and all I can say is HOW????

This year truly has flown by at such a rate of knots it's been hard at points to keep track - I mean so far I've:
  1. Started planning my wedding to the lovely Mr P (which is now only 308 days away eek) and ordered my wedding dress (omg that's a big decision - will Mr P like, does it suit me, will I look like a giant meringue, am I too old for a traditional dress.........) I went with gut feel in the end and I love it fingers crossed Mr P will too!
  2. Learnt to ski on holiday in Canada (badly but such fun who knew seeing as I thought I'd hate it)
  3. Went to V Festival and saw the amazing Killers live again, and managed to secure tickets for Glastonbury Festival 2013 yay!
  4. Visited Barcelona and celebrated my birthday watching a Spanish covers band while drinking goldfish bowls of vodka
  5. Took Mr P to Minatur Wunderland in Hamburg (and actually enjoyed it there, the level of craftsmanship and detail is incredible. And as for the teeny tiny replica Christmas Coca Cola lorry - too adorable!)
  6. Became a grown up and started having my hair coloured at a salon as opposed to dying the bathroom random shades of brown while attempting it myself
  7. Started (and failed) at a shopping ban (trying again!)
  8. Started weight watchers and have lost over a stone and bit (or thereabouts...) so far
  9. Found myself using my Kindle far more than I ever thought I would (particularly handy for reading 50 Shades without anyone knowing hehe)
  10. I finally tried the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks and became OBSESSED with it..but it's now gone replaced by the Christmas flavours so instead I'm hunting down any Pumpkin spice syrup/flavouring that I can use at home in coffee instead (any recommendations???)
And the biggest thing was of course becoming a kitty parent to the most adorable kitten in the universe called Boots (cue gratuitous photo opportunity....)

Phew and that's just the top 11 things list....I am so lucky to have all this in my life. Especially considering everything on the news at the moment.

As to how I'm keeping on top of things (cue excessive Filofax content and images, look away here non Filofax fans) I'm using my Personal sized Orchid Aston (sighs while gazing at her) as I always say for ages I was using my Personal Deco in Amethyst which still is (and always will be my favourite ever Filofax) but as I take my Filofax everywhere with me, chucking it in handbags, using frequently, open on desks, removing it from Boots playing with it /sleeping on it /trying to chew it etc etc I don't want to damage/scuff/scratch her so she's having a wee holiday tucked safely away. This of course means one of my other binders can come out of retirement....

And for Autumn/Winter this year I'm using the Aston, she's such a lovely shade of plum/pink/purple very autumnal feeling. And here are some shots of my current set up (frankly no real change from earlier in the year as the system works for me but I love the pictures!!)

Outside shot - I love the seam details and the leather is so soft but durable (if you know what I mean?)

This is the inside cover with stamps, post its and business cards on the left and a clear pocket with my Harrods reward card on the right (bit like a Boots advantage card but never gets used!) and a quote that I love from Anya Hindmarch:

"Fire yourself every day and come back as your successor"

In the back of that first clear pocket is an ancient pic from a magazine I tore out (I do that a lot pictures and quotes that inspire me, things I want to read or purchase, potential gift ideas etc etc) Also in there is a "From Dorset With Love" business card - yummy treats I purchased at a food fair :)

In the next clear pocket on the right hand side are mementos - my Eiffel Tower ticket from when I went to Paris last year with Mr P, a Ski Pass ticket from Whistler earlier this year, more favourite quotes and pics...

Onto something a bit more interesting...the diary! I'm currently using (and have been all year I think) the Cotton Cream WO2P which has a notes box at the top of the left hand page. I'd never really gotten on with it before but it seems to be working OK for me this year as I've had more to do's/better system for writing them down than before maybe in this format?....I've already got a 2013 refill the same but I also have a half a day to a page insert to try out next year as well which I'm quite excited about!

As you can see from the pic I use colour a lot (no real system I keep trying but then I either forget or I need to write something down immediately (the curse of having a memory like a goldfish) so I grab the nearest pen!

It was a busy week this week (aren't they all at the moment?) as we had two wedding related things - visiting the registrar on Saturday and Sunday off for lunch at our wedding venue for a meet the parents lunch too (as in our parents meeting each other for the first time obviously we have both met each other's parents!)

I am in love with the ChocoKitty little tabs (top of right hand page as they remind me of Boots!)

As well as my WO2P I HAVE to have a monthly diary in there (and I have Nov/Dec this year and the whole of 2013 in there at the moment) as I need to be able to plan quite far ahead for holidays/work/wedding stuff etc etc and I like being able to see the whole month at a glance. It also means I can schedule in things like when Mr P has gigs or birthdays etc. As you will see this month there was a Christmas Event at Boots that was so important I stuck in the reminder....!!

And finally a sneak peak at my Wedding section - as well as top tab section in my Filofax for on the go notes I have this super cute little notebook that I keep in my Filofax for sketching and ideas as my master planner for the Wedding is an A5 Vintage Pink Malden...more on that I'm sure in a later post!

You can also see my Xmas top tab - currently that just has the Christmas Card list I made last year and a load of cuttings from magazines about potential gifts for people so obviously couldn't show you that!

Hope you are all well and you enjoyed my rambling about the current set up and what I'm up to! How are you all??



  1. What a fabulous year so far!!! I've just started the shopping ban - hmm... Give Boots a snuggle for me - he is just too cute :o)

  2. So how is that shopping ban going? Does it include not buying any more Filofaxes?

    And thank you of course I think Boots is adorable but lovely to hear others think so too!! Lx

  3. Boots is gorgeous! And don't worry about the dress being age appropriate - get what you love. :)


  4. Here is a Pumpkin Spice Latter recipe for you.

  5. Oooh thank you for the recipie I will try it out this weekend yum yum Lx

  6. Congrats on no. 1 & 8, would have loved to be in your shoes with no. 4, and no. 6 made me laugh. Also, thanks for sharing the adorable photo of your cat and the beautiful pics of your Aston. I, too, had one in Orchid but had to let her go. Now, I may be regretting my decision!

    1. Aah thank you :) I am a very lucky lass, and the Aston is a lovely binder I think the more I use it the more I love feel of it (and it's durability with the amount of abuse it gets and yet it still looks brand new!)