Sunday, 23 September 2012

Over the hill at 35 - at least according to the BBC...

So as you will know dear readers last week was my birthday, and off to Barcelona we went and had a fabulous time (more on that in another post) but on the day we drove up to Luton for our flight (all glamour for me an EasyJet flight via Luton airport!!) we had playing for the duration of our journey the penultimate Chris Moyles Show on Radio 1.

Chris Moyles's long running radio show (over 8 years) on weekday mornings was often controversial and he was often described as like Marmite - you either love him or hate him. I for one adored the show, the mix of banter between Chris, Comedy Dave, Dom, Aled and new girl Tina always felt like sitting with a group of mates every morning. They discussed the topical, the inane and the downright ridiculous. We got to know about their lives, their friends, their partners, their James Corden so eloquently put it during this penultimate live show it was kind of like being part of a group of friends who have never excluded you from anything, you were always invited, always one of the gang. And the longer you listened the more of a gang member you became as you got the historical references and in-jokes and could laugh along with the team.

Unfortunately this long running show and the millions of listeners who loyally listened every single day singing along to the cheesy song and playing the Monday Night Pub Quiz did the unthinkable for Radio 1 - we got old.

I get that the BBC have a charter, they need to reach each section of the population and catering to these strict demographics means Radio 1 needs to meet the needs of the "youth" audience namely the 15-29 age brackets. And despite the continued success of the Chris Moyles Show (7 million listeners on average) the problem lies with the fact that us listeners who started listening when the show began carried on getting older...unfortunate that. So that elusive young audience grew up. And this is where I get angry....Where am I supposed to go now eh BBC?

As I say, I understand the predicament of the BBC I mean their funding is at risk. But frankly I don't feel old enough for Radio 2. I mean some of the presenters and shows are great but the music, really? It seems when I listed the majority of it just does not appeal to me, I like the chart songs, I like listening and singing along to David Guetta and Coldplay and Rhianna I mean I'm 35 not 65. And as for breakfast shows I just can't face Chris Evans in the morning - I mean I have lots of friends who love him but for me it's just not to my taste.

I could listen to BBC6 I hear that's good, a great line up of presenters, excellent music selections, but it is digital only, so not an option for my 2 hours of commuting per day in my where are my options? How are you serving my age group that are still young enough to want to listen to music and hear about gigs and new releases, or are you telling me Mr BBC that at my time of life I should be staying at home with the Archers?

And I don't think I'm alone here - which radio station is it within the BBC that I am supposed to enjoy now if I'm too old for Radio 1? I take it as I'm 35 maybe I should just shuffle off and tune into my local station - which I often do on my drive home but the combination of the annoying adverts and the excessive ABBA/Bonnie Tyler/Banarama songs that prevent this from being a full time option.

So what have I done? I've moved to Radio 4! Educational, interesting, thought provoking but often depressing - I mean getting into work worrying about the economy and the threat of a potential new world war is draining on a daily basis. I love the business news, the in-depth topical discussions and occasionally thought for the day doesn't make me want to scream but I miss having a giggle in the morning with the team from the Chris Moyles show. I miss the silly links, and the un-PC chat and most of all I miss hearing what my mates (or my imaginary friends that Mr P used to call them when I'd come home talking about what they'd been discussing as though I knew them) were up to. I mean Dom just got chickens!!!

So BBC where am I to go? How about you start a Radio 1+1 you know a bit like Dave+1 on Sky...where all us 30+ listeners can go and still listen to music and chatter...and not feel like we're being punished for being loyal? And if you could bring Chris and the team, Sarah Cox, Edith Bowman and all the other DJ's that you retired out for being too old that would be great too!



  1. here here! I hate Alan Sugar but when he was on the other day I so hoped he'd agree to set up a little pirate radio station for Chris and the team to keep us going in the mornings. I've not done it before but I am going to have to try to download those last few shows to relisten and relive a few more times :o)

  2. Totally with you hun. I only get to listen to them when I´m in the UK, but Ben listens to BBC all day (he´s basically in a cellar on his own all day). I hate being in the car in the UK at the wrong time of day - it had to be when Moylsey was on - everything else is just sub-standard...

  3. This is so spot on!! I love the Chris Moyles Show, so sad it's gone- it's like your favourite TV programme, when you like to think that the story is going to carry on even when the programme is cancelled- except now we know Chris and the gang are going their separate ways!! I feel REALLY betrayed by Radio 1, and I REFUSE to listen to Grimmy!!! Even worse, I'm 23, supposedly in their core audience- and I'm not listening to Radio 1 any more because of what they did! Ok, I will listen to Scott Mills if I'm at home when he's on, but I can't really stand anything else! So what am I supposed to listen to now too??

  4. I'm so glad it wasn't just me! I've switched (as predicted) to Radio 4 in the morning - all very educational and I feel more intelligent for it (well I can bluff on the big topics of the day at least!!)

    And the way home is iPod/CD's/local radio....

    Radio 2 I've tried but other than Jeremy Vine as I love a good debate I just can't cope with the music selections :0( thank goodness for playlists on my iPod is all I can say!!