Wednesday, 5 September 2012

What to pack for Barcelona....part 1

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So next week Mr P and I are jetting off to Barcelona for a long weekend and I CAN'T WAIT! Not only will it mean (hopefully) some sunshine, (copious amounts of) sangria and (lots of) tapas but that doesn't even start to cover the amazing architecture and culture...sighs and looks wistfully out of the window!

Now we are flying with EasyJet (groan) which means cabin only luggage, no allocated seating so a bun fight to be able to sit with Mr P and then wrestle to fit my carry on luggage in the overhead racks plus extortionate prices for food and drink should I forget to stock up on water before hand! Of course this is all conjecture as I've never flown with EasyJet before...other budget airlines but not the orange one! But having read numerous articles/blogs/seen Watchdog I have a good idea what to expect!

Anyhoo as this means only one piece of luggage (as in one suitcase to be carried on board - no handbag as that counts as two items and therefore is chargeable I kid you not!) being me I've been making lots of holiday packing lists in my trusty Filofax. This week I'm using the Raspberry Chameleon in personal size which I'm loving and while my diary pages are all working the notes area is a MESS so that's my next task for today - sort out my sections (blog post on that I'm sure!!)

Currently the weather now in Barcelona is 27-29 degrees centigrade (bliss) however the long range (ish) forecast is showing RAIN for next week aaaah. So what to pack?? Originally I was all about the sun dresses and maxi dresses with flip flops - now I'm thinking I need a waterproof/poncho (thank you festival packing) and probably jeans and trainers....

So having Googled what to pack for a weekend in Barcelona I found several useful blog posts including this one by Liberty London Girl  which a) showed me how much I could cram in the case and b) gave some good tips! (Also I'd love her wardrobe the shoes are gorgeous!)

But as ever I needed a list to start from so here is my top 5 so far must remember to pack essentials:

1. A cross body handbag for during the day.
Barcelona is apparently notorious for pick pockets so a small cross body handbag to keep my valuables (camera/dosh) in is essential. Handily I love these type of bags anyway and this is my current fave that I was rocking during our weekend in Cardiff. Cute isn't she and just big enough to fit camera/phone/purse/lip balm & suncream...

2. Technology - of course I am going to have to take my camera (just a little Nikon compact) my Kindle for some plane reading and my iPhone for more picture taking this is just a given, nerdy photo taker that I am...and all the associated chargers...

3. iPanema flip flops - I am obsessed with flip flops just ask Mr P as apparently I have a few too many pairs. Until recently the obsession revolved around Havianas but the same bestie that introduced me to those introduced me to iPanemas - still rubber flip flops but they are just so so so comfy. I even ordered Mr P a pair to prove to him how good they are! I am particularly loving these that I have been wearing to death all summer (Mr P's are without flower though unfortunately...)

4. Dresses - having lost over 18lbs since the start of the summer (I use that phrase loosely in the UK of course) I feel so much more confident that I don't mind/enjoy wearing dresses now whereas before I felt far too self conscious to entertain dressing up in a frock too often. My plan (weather depending) is to take a selection of summer dresses to wear in Barcelona with my flip flops during the day and a pair of wedges at night just so I don't feel quite so midget like...a denim jacket cover up and a couple of cardigans should see me right in case of shoulder chills of an evening too! Plus dresses take up far less room than other bulkier items like jeans etc

5. Minimal toiletries - I'm going to try super hard to only take the bare minimum of the toiletries I need/use main things being suncream, moisturiser and a few make up items. I plan to hit a pharmacy while we are there to get some cheap shampoo if the hotel doesn't provide it just to try and save on weight/room....unless of course I can sneak some items into Mr P's luggage.....

So anyone been to Barcelona? Any recommendations on what to see/visit/take with me?



  1. I've never been to Barcelona, so am no help there, and as for the packing.. it sounds like you have it all covered (you can do my packing list for me next time I'm going away). Congratulations on losing 18 lbs, well done!!!

  2. Thank you :) and the weather forecast now reckons it is going to rain...aaah!!! Packing list revision time Lx