Sunday, 9 September 2012

Pre-Birthday Weekend Fun Times

So it may be September and we should all be thinking about winter wardrobes (boots, coats, scarves...lovely autumnal colours - I do love this time of year) but in Blighty it appears our weather wasn't informed that it was seasons changeover time and we've been experiencing some wonderful summery weather - hot with blue skies. Bliss!

And this weekend that was particularly handy as I spent part of it embracing the outdoors lifestyle with a visit to River Cottage Autumn Fair with one of my besties. This was a day basking in sunshine, sampling all the very best local produce (meat/cheese/wine/cider....) and listening to some talks and enjoying some music. Frankly it was just blissful and I came home laden with Elephant Garlic (HUMONGOUS) some super hot Dorset chillis, lots of preserves and some of the most amazing smoked cheese produced in the village I went to school in as well as Raspberry wine from Somerset...I mean I could say that I was researching flavours for our wedding next September but that would be a blatant lie I just enjoyed eating and drinking my way round the show!

After our countryside jaunt we stopped off on the way home at West Bay for a sunshine drenched fish and chip supper on the beach. If you've never been you must add it to your places to visit list as it really is just gorgeous!

Also this weekend I was reading the Boots magazine and I was so excited by this interview with the founder of Essie nail polishes that I Instagram'ed the article - the Filofax mentioned in point 3 must be amazing. I imagine it crammed with gorgeous pictures and fabrics bulging at the seams....much like I hope mine will be as I get more into planning the wedding!!

And then there was a magic surprise when I returned home to my early birthday present!!! As you will know from my previous post we are off to Barcelona for a long weekend soon and while we are there I will be celebrating my birthday so Mr P decided as he won't be able to necessarily pack and transport the gift I could have it early and OH MY GOSH the boy done good!

I am one of those people with kinky hair - you know the type that curls under on one side and curls out on the other. The type of hair that with the merest hint of moisture in the air goes frizzy and unruly so the invention of hair straighteners have improved my life no end. But while I know the magical properties of GHD's from my hairdresser smoothing my tresses with them I have never got round to committing the spend on a pair opting to purchase cheap ones that then expire after 6 months use or so. A false economy I know but it always seemed far too much of an indulgence to purchase a pair.....

But no more as the fabulous Mr P has only gone and bought me a pair - I hope because he knows me so well and not because my hair is an embarrassment to him hehe ;0)

So these are the beauties, they have pink sparkly ceramic plates and come in the most gorgeous travel bag with a heat mat as well...stunning aren't they? I really am a truly lucky gal! They are the special edition version that includes a donation to Breast Cancer care which means not only are they super pretty they also contribute to a fantastic cause who could ask for more!


Other things I have been doing this weekend is watching lots of Paralympics coverage - I loved the Olympics and I'm loving the Paralympics equally if not more. The phrase Superhumans that C4 have used could not have been more apt as watching our athletes compete has just been so inspirational! Roll on tonight's closing ceremony for a party to celebrate all the fantastic achievements.

Even Boots has been getting some shut eye so she can stay up and watch the ceremony!!

Hope you've all had a wonderful weekend too



  1. He is so good!!! Have a fab birthday in Barcelona :o)

  2. Have a lovely birthday! Hope you continue to be utterly spoilt for it, what a lovely birthday trip and present! Abi x