Monday, 25 March 2013

Eeek new girl...what to wear to work on your first day in a new job?

So as I mentioned in my previous post I have a new job which I am very excited about starting. But of course after 4 1/2 years at my last place it is going to be VERY strange being the new girl somewhere. The usual trying to remember everyone's names (something I am TERRIBLE at) trying to work out where everything is and what the nuances of the office are (do people make tea rounds or just make their own for example?)

And of the course the age old issue of what to wear. In an interview setting you know what to wear (usually a suit or key tailored pieces) and the people interviewing you are usually dressed up to, but in a day to day environment what is the dress code? Is it smart smarts (suits/tailored shirts etc) or is smart casual (smart jeans, or trousers but casual tops?) Is it uber relaxed on Fridays with jeans and sneakers (yes I know I'm British and we wear trainers but the word sneakers is so much more fun!)

I'd been doing some Google searching and reading blogs to see what people wear to last place was super casual so I wore jeans everyday. But the new place not so much, I think, I believe it will vary depending on where I'm based or what I'm doing but essentially a whole lot smarter than what I've been used to on a daily basis. Which is no bad thing as I've missed getting dressed up for work, I mean it gives another excuse to go shopping doesn't it if nothing else!!

But I digress, to day one. Now tricky while this may be I do think going super smart is the only way forward - the last thing you want is to rock up and be under dressed for meeting the MD who just happens to be in that day at a loose here is my plan of attack:

1. Good black trousers
A wardrobe essential - flattering, good quality trousers are worth their weight in gold. I know that Oasis are my go to place for jeans and trousers. A bit more pricey than some other high street stores (wait for the online discounts or sales as they happen constantly!) but their trews fit me well - they are cut I guess for gals with curves. So find your shop where you know the clothes will work with you not against you - for example me and Zara trousers don't gel, I am too short and curvy for their bottoms. Nothing against them they just don't work for me so why stress myself out?

2. A nice neutral shirt
Ideally on day one you want something you have worn before and you know you are comfy in. No stress about it being too low cut, or see through or pulling in the wrong places. You want to be put together but also feel comfortable as it will be stressful enough on your first day doing all the "firsts" without fretting about your wardrobe. I swear my Marks and Spencer, Dorothy Perkins and Zara for good office shirts/tops.

3. The hot/cold element
Currently in Blighty we have snow up North and flooding down South (where I live) no sign of Spring for my first day to go alongside the trousers and blouse I recommend either a smart blazer/jacket or a colourful pop from a bright cardigan. Keeps you warm, adds a bit of individuality and can be removed if the office is snug before adding back on and facing the elements outside! Again I swear by Marks and Spencer they do the most amazing cardigans I think I have them in nearly every colour and they wash and last so so so well!!

4. Shoes...walk tall but be able to walk!
Another core staple is a good pair of black court shoes - yes they sound boring but I don't think any working girl can be without a smart but comfy pair of black shoes. These ones from Marks and Spencer are ideal - nice height and super comfy - I love their shoes plus full price they are only £19! Amazing value. They also come in loads of cool colours for when you want to be a bit more daring!

5. Accessories....
Now if you've been a reader for a while you will know I LOVE my accessories...from statement necklaces to a handbags I do think choosing the right accessories helps personalise an otherwise "safe" outfit. However on day one as I've mentioned before it is better err on the side of caution just in case your colleagues don't get your style. Therefore I'd keep accessories to a minimum for me this means - no jangling bangles for example just a classic watch, a simple necklace as I'm wearing a shirt I need something but nothing too large and then a plain bag that won't overpower the outfit....

This bag from Zara is perfect


6. Make up/nails/perfume
Finally remember we always want to look groomed but try to avoid wearing more war paint than a Vegas showgirl. Less is more as my Mum would say!! I will aim (although not sure if I ever manage it) to look polished but have my make up look invisible like I'm not really wearing any...for me that means good foundation and powder to stop shine, some neutral eyeshadow and neutral lipstick/gloss. Again nothing too overpowering for perfume you don't want to be knows as the newbie with the stinky perfume after all! Finally on my nails I will be wearing Essie's Mademoiselle as I think it is the perfect barely there polish that just smartens up my nails enough to look done but in a unobtrusive way if that makes sense?

I hope you enjoyed this post, if so please comment and let me know...I have a part B planned of how I inject my personality into my working wardrobe - still using the basics above but adding more exciting accessories (shoes/belt/jewellery) into the mix

What do you wear for work? Is it smarts all the way or are you a casual dresser?


Sunday, 24 March 2013

Run Loulou Run...

So yet again it's been a while since I last posted and lots has happened!!! It is less than 6 months until I get to marry the fabulous Mr P (so far so good he hasn't backed out yet!!) I worked my last day in Bournemouth as I'm starting a new job tomorrow (eek) in my hometown - no more will I spend 2 1/2 hours a day driving to and from work and no more 5.50am alarm wake ups (Mr P is especially happy about that) I'll be able to try eating breakfast at home again and maybe even cooking dinner occasionally as I'm not getting home after 7pm!!

I've also been watching the new Cancer Research adverts with interest, the "Cancer we are coming to get you" initially I was a bit wary but having seen it several times I think it is a fantastic message and it has made me sit up and want to get involved because it is so positive, upbeat and really conveys the difference that Cancer Research makes to us beating this horrific disease.

My own history with the big C I've mentioned before having lost several amazing relatives including my Dad to it. Mr P as you'll know from my blog also had a significant brush with it a couple of years ago and thankfully beat it. But this was only down to the extensive research that had been going on - as his consultant told us when he said "don't worry you're completely curable" (possibly the best moment of my entire life)" but you're lucky because if this had been 10 years ago it would have been a completely different story"....a very sobering thought!

And that is why this morning I have signed up to run the 5k Race For Life in Sherborne (Dorset) on Sunday 23rd June 2013.

I am not a gym bunny, I am not super fit, I am not a "runner" I do however have 3 months, a fabulous best mate who is also my designated personal trainer to kick my arse into getting down the gym and a need to do something positive. So cancer - watch out I'm joining all those other amazing women and we are coming to get you!

You can sponsor me here

And of course I will be blogging about my getting into running journey regularly!

Do you run? Have you done a Race for Life? Any tips?