Sunday, 24 March 2013

Run Loulou Run...

So yet again it's been a while since I last posted and lots has happened!!! It is less than 6 months until I get to marry the fabulous Mr P (so far so good he hasn't backed out yet!!) I worked my last day in Bournemouth as I'm starting a new job tomorrow (eek) in my hometown - no more will I spend 2 1/2 hours a day driving to and from work and no more 5.50am alarm wake ups (Mr P is especially happy about that) I'll be able to try eating breakfast at home again and maybe even cooking dinner occasionally as I'm not getting home after 7pm!!

I've also been watching the new Cancer Research adverts with interest, the "Cancer we are coming to get you" initially I was a bit wary but having seen it several times I think it is a fantastic message and it has made me sit up and want to get involved because it is so positive, upbeat and really conveys the difference that Cancer Research makes to us beating this horrific disease.

My own history with the big C I've mentioned before having lost several amazing relatives including my Dad to it. Mr P as you'll know from my blog also had a significant brush with it a couple of years ago and thankfully beat it. But this was only down to the extensive research that had been going on - as his consultant told us when he said "don't worry you're completely curable" (possibly the best moment of my entire life)" but you're lucky because if this had been 10 years ago it would have been a completely different story"....a very sobering thought!

And that is why this morning I have signed up to run the 5k Race For Life in Sherborne (Dorset) on Sunday 23rd June 2013.

I am not a gym bunny, I am not super fit, I am not a "runner" I do however have 3 months, a fabulous best mate who is also my designated personal trainer to kick my arse into getting down the gym and a need to do something positive. So cancer - watch out I'm joining all those other amazing women and we are coming to get you!

You can sponsor me here

And of course I will be blogging about my getting into running journey regularly!

Do you run? Have you done a Race for Life? Any tips?



  1. Good luck hun - will be sponsoring you. I haven't run in years, but try not to run to anyone else's rhythm is the only piece of advice that I can offer. Too fast and you'll be half dead before the end is in sight, too slow and you'll be cursing everyone cos you're legs are feeling way too much xxx

    1. Thank you my lovely I will try and remember that - I can cope with treadmills as you can set the pace but running "free" I think will be an issue :) Lx

  2. Yay for your 5k! I ran one last year and plan to do a few more this year. I used to be a runner, then fell out about a decade ago. Now I'm back in it and love it! I cannot stand treadmills and have to run outdoors, so I've just started again as the temps are above 20-30 degrees F.

    Here are a few tips I've picked up:

    1. Invest in good running clothes, especially socks. It sounds silly to spend $10-15 on a pair of socks, but they make all the difference!

    2. For me, it really helps if I change up my routes when I run- if I run the same route all the time I get bored!

    3. Try running with and without music. It seems that everyone thinks they have to run to music, but I actually do better without it! It allows me to monitor my breathing, and prevents me from running too fast during a quick-tempo song!

    4. If you have a smartphone, try out some of the free running aps. I use Endomondo- it is awesome for tracking your route, km times, etc. It even has audible announcements for each km you've finished!

    5. Drink a ton of water! It's amazing how much being properly hydrated helps!

    Ok, sorry for this insanely long comment- it's just that I'm in the same boat- I've just gotten myself able to run 6k straight, so hopefully some of what I've learned will help you :)