Sunday, 30 January 2011

My Filofax Family

So there I was the other day chatting away on Twitter to CP and SM who I have met through the blog site Philofaxy and we were talking about our Filofaxes (funny that!) and I got to thinking about how many I own, I thought about 5....until I thought about it some more and counted up and realised the actual total was 11. Not many compared to some Philofaxers but quite a few none the less.

So then I went on the hunt to get them all together and revisit each one (apologies in advanced to any non Filofax fans you may want to stop reading now!) and here they all are (can you tell I have a passion for the red/pink ones??) so how did I end up with so many? And do I use them all?

Any guesses to my favourite colours?

My Filofax Family

One of my first Filofaxes was a gorgeous Pink pocket sized one, unfortunately this was in my handbag when I was mugged living in Croydon one October. The loss of all my addresses, notes and diary was shocking and made me use back up systems at home in case of a repeat disaster.

Her replacement came in the shape of another Pocket Classic in red courtesy of my lovely Mother for Christmas that year and many a happy time were had. But after a while it became evident that a Pocket just wasn't big enough, I then trialed several Personal sizes, some have been donated away or lost in transit (I have moved several times over the past few years (I particularly miss a red Personal Domino that I was given as a leaving present from one of my former jobs several years ago that has gone AWOL). The Finsbury in the orange was one of these tests to see if I could use one planner that was portable enough for every day but large enough to contain everything, however the orange colour just wasn't for me and so the hunt for the perfect planner began in earnest.

My Personal Dream Team - Chameleon, Finsbury and Adelphi

At this time I was working again in London and my diary was chaotic so I decided to upscale to an A5 Finchley in red. A gorgeous Filofax, roomy, luxurious and every time I whipped out my planner in meetings it gave me that added extra wizz of confidence. But, I travelled with that job. A lot. And my gosh the Finchley was heavy, so I started looking at other alternatives for an everyday planner that I could have on me with the Finchley relegated to desk use only.

A5 Tastic with Finchley and Domino

That's when I went back to the MIA Domino personal in red. And the 2 binder system worked well, separating my work and my home meant I had portability and space. Result!

And then my life changed. I split with my partner of 9 years and decided I wanted a new life. I quit my job, I left London and retreated home to Somerset before moving 2 months later to Dorset to work at my current position (you know the amazing firm that gave all its staff FREE iPads. Still can't quite believe that!! Amazin). Anyhoo I digress...

So new job, new home, new set of friends, new social life = ?

Yep new Filofax. This is when I decided I needed something smaller/lighter and more portable. And I found the Adelphi Slimline in Damson. Lots of space as it was Personal sized pages, but light because the small rings meant you couldn't get as much in it. I loved the Adelphi she was gorgeous, however the slimline is never going to work for me as I just can't get enough in it. Even though I was still using the red A5 Finchley for work.

Super Slim Adelphi

And then Filofax bought out the Adelphi in Magenta. OMG it was love at first sight. Large enough to hold a week on one page with notes format diary for a whole year, notes, addresses etc and it was such a gorgeous pink colour. My every day planner was sorted. Well for a few months at least.

Chameleon, Finsbury, Adelphi

However having both planners on my desk made my eyes hurt. Red and Pink together - clash central. And then I read this guest post on Philofaxy by Jess and I loved it. So I ordered the same A5 binder, pink and bronze do not clash thankfully.

A couple of months after this in June I was in Paperchase in Exeter (a stationery lovers emporium) when I spotted a Pocket Domino in the most gorgeous shade of blue. Now while I am not normally a blue person this cornflower gorgeousness could not be left behind. I figured she would be perfect for my "onthego" filofax at events such as Glastonbury Festival and while going to gigs in London. Large enough to have phone numbers (in case of dead/lost mobiles) and travelcards and set lists etc but really light and not holding all my most important (and secret) stuff like the Adelphi.

The original Pocket rockets

So now to the Autumn and I noticed that my poor Adelphi had started to look a little rough on the corners where the soft leather being tossed about in my handbag was starting to wear. And this was bad, she is pretty and lovely so I started considering trialling another Personal sized planner, which is when I spied on eBay a Raspberry Chameleon (BNIB) and got her for a steal :) and so I moved over all my contents to the new Chameleon with her gorgeous insides of pastel dividers and frosted ruler. And all was well for a couple of months...

At the same time I visited Staples who were selling off lots of Filofaxes very cheaply which is where I picked up the patterned Indie and a mini Urban - the Indie remains in the collection while I gave the Urban to a dear friend as a leaving present when she moved jobs recently, well what else would you give?

This leads us to now and the current experiment to downsize to a Pocket Deco....

The latest Pocket addition

Now there is a lot more I could (and probably will in future posts) say about my (obsession) Filofaxes but for now at least I am loving my little family, although a Purple Finchley in A5 really would complete the set no?

So what does your Filofax family look like?


  1. I LOVE your filofax family! Simply gorgeous!

    Here is mine: though, as with all filofax lovers, it's grown since then!

  2. Love Love Love this post. I plan on doing a pre Valentine's day matchup with mine as well. Haha we are all enablers!
    Aspire your collection is lovely too. I love your rainbow of Dominos! :-)

  3. Aspire that is amazing - the spread looks all serious and sensible on the left then moves as CP says into the rainbow of Domino's fantastic :0) I really do love that Purple coloured Domino. Also where is the pen wrap from that is gorgeous what a fab idea!!

    CP you have to take a family shot of your collection soon I know I will totally want to go shopping as soon as I see it, sighs dramtically


  4. Oh! It would just be leathery, papery heaven to open up a cupboard and see an ARRAY like your Filofax family. Enjoy!

    I'm currently waiting for my new "only child" to arrive by post. (I think my human kids just did a say-what?!)

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Your family looks great!!! :)