Friday, 14 January 2011

Things I love Friday...or just an excuse to wax lyrical

Well another week lurches to a close and it's been a busy old one for me again. However this week had a silver lining in finally some good news so to honour the fact that I am feeling positive and sparkly today I thought a little blogpost for a Things I love Friday was in order...

1. My gorgeous coffee machine - I bought a Philips Senseo Original in the Comet sale post Chrimbo for the bargain price of £29 and OMG it is lush. Yes it is more expensive to buy the pods than drink instant, yes it's an extravagance but I so love it it is amazeballs. Frothy coffee - mug sizes - at the touch of a button to be enjoyed in my super Starbucks mug (a Chrimbo pressie last year year from the lovely Mr P) hmmm must time for a second cup by now :)

2. Re-organising my Filofax planners. So this week I have started the downsize from Personal to Pocket for everyday planner-ing and started reviewing my A5 work Filofax (just waiting for a sneaky eBay A5 Strata to arrive so I can start archiving some of the work notes and streamline it a bit as currently it weighs almost as much as me!!) Massively long and indulgent blog post coming soon...

Cue gratuitous Ivory Deco piccie stolen from Filofax's website as I seem incapable of taking decent photos:
3. My new heart print scarf from Oasis which I bought this week in an aim to add some colour and fun to my winter wardrobe - there is only so much grey and rainy weather in my black coat I can cope without adding some kind of fun (slight issue in that it clashes with my glasses and they spangly pink arms but hey ho!!)

4. Twitter and blogs - I read and follow lots of blogs now and it is amazing how much you can feel you know someone via their thoughts and writings. Which, when you are trying to learn more about a topic or find kindred spirits who have traversed the same sort of issues (or obsessions Philofaxy and Plannerisms I mean you!!) can be invaluable. So thank you to all the bloggers out there expressing their secret truths or just expressing themselves you have been such a comfort as well as source of entertainments (and also driving more shopping Laurie at Plannerisms - the Paperie is just the most gorgeous website ever for pens, journals etc)

5. Finally and most importantly this week I have fallen in love my best buds even more - with so much going on at the moment it has been fab to be able to (again) rely on super lovely Miss B and Mrs L without them I quite possibly may go nuts so thank you ladies for being my sanity...

So there are 5 things I am loving this Friday...what are yours? Anything to be especially thankful for or that you love that helped you get through this week?

Until next time x


  1. Ooooh are you on Twitter now? Join Twitter!! It is the place to be! I spend like 80% of my life on there. It's worrying. I keep thinking I'm going to wake up and find out I've been tweeting in my sleep.

    I so nearly bought a filofax this week - I thought of you! At the last minute I bought a traditional diary though - maybe next year!

  2. I am indeed a twitterite - you can find me at @Ninny279

    Loving your hair at the moment BTW the colour is super gorgeous on you