Saturday, 22 January 2011

Things I Love Friday....

So it's Friday evening after yet another hectic and stressful week with travelling, work and general stuff getting in the way of the serene and calm lifestyle I wish to adopt (who am I kidding eh!). And as Mr P is napping on the sofa - I am making him watch girl programs to be fair - I got to thinking about the things I love/am grateful for this week. So here they are:

1. My new Brita water filter - nerdy I know but I've never had a water filter before or really seen the point in one. After a request from Mr P I sourced a new one in the sale in Debenhams and now we are a filter family. So after a rocky start with the filter (I mean you have to piece it together, flush it out so many times, work out how to turn on the magic water measuring thingamy etc it is not a quick process) I wasn't at first able to really tell the difference from tap water. However I am enjoying have ice cold water straight from the fridge while feeling mega virtuous - surely filtered water being the epitome of health fads means the consumption of chocolate orange is nullified yes?

2. The Philofaxy meet up - I am so ridiculously excited about this. With twitter conversations with other meet up attendees and emails from potential train buddies for the journey up to London town I am embracing my inner stationery nerd and have already started my shopping list for the visit to Filofax Mecca.

3. Sarah Millican - comedienne extrordinaire. Her self depreciating, real life comedy just tickles my funny bone to the core and watching her on Graham Norton tonight with Vince Vaughan and Diddy (Puff Daddy/Sean Combs or whoever he is now) was just ace. Poor old Diddy just didn't know what to do during the curry/fart/sex segment. Here is hoping I can get some tickets to see her while she is on tour as I think that will be a right old giggle.

4. Worse than my Filofax obsessions this week has been my excitement at finally collecting my gorgeous new handbag - the Fiorelli Black Loretta supplied courtesy of Mr P (another free iPad guilt moment hehe). I am loving this bag - it is large enough to fit all my daily clutter, plus with the 3 main compartments it means the iPad has a safe, clutter free location to reside when travelling out and about. There is the short shoulder/elbow crook handle and then a lovely long strap that does the long shoulder/cross body thing so well. I'll accept it is a BIG bag - I could probably fit a good mid week Tesco shop inside it for example, but it still looks (I think) sleek and lovely. Therefore a more than suitable accessory for the new glamorous and well put together me inspired by owning the mega classy Deco I need to up my fashion game to match her good looks so I don't let her down in public. A whole post dedicated to handbags may be looming!!!

5. Another highlight this week was Mary Portas Secret Shopper. The Queen of Shops excelled herself again illustrating that fast fashion comes at a price far higher than we realise. Don't get me wrong I love a good Primark rummage (strictly during the non busy periods however as I do not do jumble sale Saturday Primarni if I can help it) but as Mary so clearly showed being able to receive good customer service makes shopping so much more pleasurable instead of being a chore, plus we spend more because we feel valued.....simple lesson huh retail peoples? I also love Mary for her unflinching style and dress sense - while I can't afford her Louis Vuitton scarf my Warehouse equivalent rocks just as hard!!

So there are my loves this week. How's your week been? Anything really tickled your fancy or driven you to distraction by it's gorgeousness?


Couple more shots of the yummy new bag with Deco and iPad plus a Frixion pen for fun :)


  1. Lovely, lovely! Can you believe I was not familiar with the Fiorelly brand? BUt now I WANT ONE! Unfortunately I am on self imposed austerity measures :-( I am looking forward to meeting you in March though :-)

  2. I am totally loving the bag - it has been fab for carting everything around including the iPad in safety and comfort. Made lighter by the Pocket experiment of course too.

    I am so looking forward to the meet up will be great to have live conversations about all the things we love (filofaxs, bags etc hehe) I have lots to quiz you about with your fab taste in bags (the MK one on your blog is just stunning)

    Roll on March :)