Friday, 21 January 2011

Ooh it's a change of scene.........

So I have a new blog design thanks to Mr P :) He of the creative mind just updated my headers and even created a little WeeMee that he thinks looks like me (freakily enough it really does and I am loving the little purple top/dress). Phase 1 of the blog redesign complete! Well least he could do seeing as I came home from work yesterday with a free iPad for him (which also more importantly means I get sole custody back of my iPad huzzah)

I've been thinking about developing the look and feel of my blog for some time and even quizzed the owners of some blogs I love the design of how they did them - and then found out that my very own Mr P could tweak the changes I wanted. Am I a lucky girl or what living with not only a musical genius but also one that can work his way around a pastel pink background!!

So what do you think?

More layout changes etc to come over the next few weeks I'm sure but I'm loving the new style - makes me smile just looking at it and I feel all inspired creatively so lots of new blog posts are bubbling away in my head now too....


1 comment:

  1. Ooh I love the cartoon you. Very cute! And very much like your real picture! I was anxiously waiting on your new blog design :-)
    Ahh someone who understands the power of pink although Mr P is very lucky and you deserve lots of spoiling for getting him an iPad.
    Ok I am going back to work now (working from home today too). Oh and I have ordered the frixions so I am anxiously waiting for their arrival!