Monday, 31 January 2011

Manic Monday? It all starts with a list, simples

Well this is my first scheduled post (be impressed, I know if it works I will be!) and as this is to be yet another busy, busy week - cue crazy work diary, lots of driving and amazingly some lovely social things to attend, my Deco will be working overtime for me :0)

My favourite mug, a present from Mr P - coffee always tastes better in this mug

So coffee at the ready this is my Top 5 for the week ahead:

1. This week I am due to meet up with ex work colleague for lunch today, this makes a Monday far more fun than the normal manic reporting/analysis/planning hotchpotch that it normally consists of

2. Enjoy seeing oldest friend (as in known the longest) for dinner on Tuesday to belatedly celebrate her birthday huzzah (MUST remember to take present to work with me that day and not leave at home on sideboard like I normally do on these types of occasions!)

3. Implement the idea of working a more organised wardrobe ALL WEEK. Inspired by reading several blogs over the past few weeks where they post piccies of their daily outfits using much more colour, far more patterns and accessories than I ever do but look far more co-ordinated than I ever do as well I have planned out my outfits for the week. A tad OCD perhaps but should make getting dressed at 6.30am every morning far easier!! So the next step would be to blog about them - possibly with photos eeeeek. Well one step at a time, lets see if this post scheduling lark works if outfit number one works as well!

4. Concentrate solely on making the Pocket Deco experiment work and not carry on using 2 planners so only giving the pocket a half hearted attempt at success (sorry Chameleon that does mean you being retired for the week)

5. Go to the gym. At least once this week. Remembering the challenge I set myself at the start of the year I seriously need to start kicking my own butt.

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  1. Welcome to the world of the scheduled post! I like being organised that way too :-)
    Hope you have a lovely week. I am being stressed out by a conference presentation and a 2 hour teaching session with 4th year med students (although I am sure it will be fine)!