Monday, 3 January 2011

2011- Resolutions, Goals and all things positive

So it is now day 3 of 2011 and so far I have managed to accomplish the following:

1. Recover from hangover due to NYE excesses
2. Cook the emergency snow turkey for a lush Sunday roast
3. Get very drunk with Mr P on vodka while playing Buzz (and Singstar apologies poor neighbours for our out of tune warblings at 4am this morning)

As you can see this is not a list packed full of notable achievements. So today after recovering from said vodka binge I pulled out my trusty Chameleon Filofax and decided a quick reorganisation of the layout and voila My Charter for 2011 (or new year resolutions) is born...

As you can see I've used a traditional To Do list to start entering my wish list for 2011 or to make it sound less formal and more fun my 2011 Charter. On this list will be things that I want to achieve this year, to push myself into trying new things but also to be used as a reminder to focus on the people in my life as well. So they are not really resolutions, more future achievements to live by if that makes any sense. By having them in my trusty Filofax it also means they will always be with me :)

So the key ones, for if I say them out loud here on my blog then I really have to do them are:

1. Visit my family in Oxford - I have a large number of relatives hat live in the Oxford area all on my Dad's side but we only ever seem to meet up at funerals so I want to spend a weekend enjoying the sights of Oxford as well hopefully enjoying some time catching up with the family.

2. Go to Warmwell - a dry ski slope nearby in preparation for...

3. Book a ski holiday with Mr P for next season. Mr P has skied a few times, me never, but his passion for the sport means it is something I really want to try. So step 1 is booking the holiday, then later on this year get in some sneaky lessons at Warmwell which will hopefully at least get me used to wearing the kit!

4. Complete a half marathon - now this will come as a massive surprise to anyone who knows me in real life, I have a gym membership and for a while I was very good at going but I have been bad for the past couple of months. But reading the blog Hang on Little Tomato has given me the courage and conviction to think if I put my mind to it maybe I will learn to love running, and having an ultimate goal in mind while we train should give the project a purpose.

5. Go to Snowdonia - I've never been, heard it is lovely and think it is worth the trip. Simples.

6. (an easy one) Enjoy the Isle of Wight and Glastonbury Festivals. I'm lucky enough to have tickets to both of these festivals with Mr P. And with a different mix of friends also attending each I think they will be fantastic experiences. Fingers crossed for the weather!

7. Learn a mixture of songs on the piano. Mr P and I for Chrimbo this year purchased an electric piano. I've never played, he played Organ when young so we are both novices (albeit he is so musical he can replicate tunes very quickly when he hears them and I am struggling to remember where C is) but I always wanted to learn. And now we have the piano there is no excuse not to be able to learn how to play and build up a repertoire of tunes to amaze the family.

So that is where currently I got to on my 2011 Charter list. But the plan is to also have a running monthly target list to help not only achieve these bigger goals but also allow for smaller achievements along the way. January for example includes which songs I want to learn this month on the piano, what the training targets are for the running task, finishing/reading a couple of books and also a loose x lbs target to remove the excess Christmas blubber layer I added to keep warm this winter.

And this is where my Filofax comes in (cue bad picture of gorgeous Chameleon)

As all the different goals and targets can be safely stored in easy to find sections but also be ever present to be the motivator that I know I'm going to need. As readers of this blog will know there is nothing I love more than making a list after all!!

If anyone has any tips on how to keep motivated with big goals and targets then please do pass them on I think I'm going to need all the help I can get!

And coming soon a full review of how I use my Chameleon Filofax, I love seeing and reading how other people use their Filofax so I thought I'd share my current set up with you. Of course this could all change as soon as the pocket Deco arrives (eeeee excited squeak) hopefully she should arrive this week once the postal service gets back to I better finish that post asap

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