Friday, 31 December 2010

Review of 2010 from fabulous to fraught and all the stages in-between

So as it is that limbo time, the in-between section where one year is coming to an end and a new one is just about to begin I think it is a good time to reflect on the memorable bits of 2010 - good and bad - before starting to work on my resolutions for the new year. So here goes:

The Bestest Bits

~ My first full year living with Mr P
I moved in with the fabulous Mr P at the end of last year and somehow he has managed to to put up with me and all my quirks, eccentricities and mood swings during the whole of 2010 without kicking me out. For that he deserves a medal, instead he gets to play PS3 uninterrupted while I blog...

~ Las Vegas
Mr P and I went on the best holiday ever in the world this year, taking in LV and the Grand Canyon. I look at our photos from that trip often because they bring back such happy happy memories. Travelling with the other half can be stressful (more for him with my list obsessions!) but travelling with an other half who is also your best friend as I found on that trip is just the best feeling :)

~ The iPad
Since purchasing iPad (which didn't go without it's own ironic sub plot - see Un-Imagineable iPad Irony for more details on this!!) I have fallen totally in love with it's magic internet surfing ways, the amazing apps and the beautiful interface. The calendar feature while pretty will never work as well as my Filofax but is cute none the less.

~ Discovering the blogosphere
2010 was also the year I discovered reading blogs, being inspired by blogs and the year I decided to start my own blog. Not with an aim of being popular or inciting thousands of page views (although that does appear to be happening - very strange that people seem to be reading my ramblings!) but more that I started my blog to write about my life as a mini journal. A diary of sorts, where I could practice writing with the view that one day it would help me write the novel that I feel is inside me somewhere....

~ The year of live music
I love live music. Watching bands and singers perform live on stage is just a fantastic feeling when the crowd go nuts and you all sing along in unison - it is just magic. And 2010 involved a lot of that!! From going to dozens of gigs by Mr P's fabulous band, seeing Lady Gaga, the Kings of Leon and taking a very apprehensive Mr P to his first Glastonbury Festival it was an awesome year for me getting out and about. And 2011 is shaping up to be even better with Take That, Isle of Wight, Glastonbury Extravaganza and Glastonbury Festival 2011 all booked in the diary already woohoo

The Leaving in 2010 Bits (or crappy things that happened)

~ The big C - affecting more and more of the people I love and care about. Either directly because they are affected, or because people they care about are afflicted with this horrible disease. Enough already, please go away and never darken my door again. When you have been to more funerals than weddings at only 33 then something needs to change.

~ Nosy family and friendies - as a legally free but happily boyfriended up lady during 2010 reaching the age of 33 seemed to unleash the questions from hell...the If/When/Why not type ones. So in 2011 here is a forewarning - I'm looking forward to being a flighty "single" for a while longer. So no questions about when am I getting engaged/married/having babies please. If I am lucky enough to have any/all the above happen I will tell you I promise!!

~ Getting older - I love birthdays I really do, my own, other peoples, I just love them. However I am done with getting older, so for the record I am remaining at 33 forever more. Thank you...

So there are my highlights and a couple of bum notes that I am releasing into the outdoors never to darken my thoughts again hopefully (wishful thinking maybe but it has to be worth a try)

What are your highlights and lowlights? Have you thought of all you thankees? The things you are most thankful for? I know I certainly am and will fill you in all soon!

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  1. Oh - so glad to have found your blog! I am reading over the old posts and getting to know you. Hope you have a lovely & happy 2011!

  2. Aah I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings :) Happy New Year to you too

  3. Like Aspire I am glad to have found your blog too (and it was only because you posted a comment) as different name on twitter! Hehe. Mr P sounds lovely too and I look forward to following your musings. The nosy friends and family part made me laugh. When I was single it was when are you getting a bf, when I started dating it was when are you getting married, now that I am married it is when are you getting pregnant. Do things in your own time and don't let yourself be rushed! Happy New Year!!
    Ps I have been 29 + for a little while. Haha!!