Saturday, 18 December 2010

Lessons from the Lady (Gaga)

So this weekend started badly, got worse and then improved no end with a fantastic night watching Lady Gaga at the O2. The 5 1/2 journey there from Dorset not so great but fantastic navigation by IB and driving by RN plus a bucket full of sweets made the journey an absolute joy. However a quick glug of vino and a quick change later and we were ready to rock.

And rock along we did, Gaga certainly knows how to put on a fantastic show. For all the crazy outfits and antics that steal the headlines what you forget is that Gaga not only writes her own lyrics and melodies but also plays the piano/keyboards and can dance like a queen.

All the way through the show Lady Gaga sings her guts out while dancing in perfect co-ordination with her troupe of backing dancers in a way us mere mortals could only dream about. Her show infuses a mix of all her pop songs with a heavy dose of interaction with the audience and even a mini self-help section talking about how you need to believe in yourself and not listen to the haters/bullies in your life - all based on her own life experiences which clearly shaped the eccentric alter ego now seen on stage.

But as a pop concert goes one of the best I've been to - atmospheric, dynamic, fun and with a bloody good singsong at the end (can't beat 90,000 people singing along in unison to Bad Romance)

But through all the costumes, the fun and the crazy her over riding message is one of strength and self empowerment. Very refreshing listening for someone needing a few inspirational words.

Of course that new positive serene thinking all went to pot traversing the roads of Euston and greater London on the way home (driven expertly by gorgeous MB) when blizzards, ice and deep snow made the planned shopping day in the capital impossible.

However I will be embracing the positive messages she conveyed into my new lifestyle where positive thinking is paramount and belief in the ability to make your own destiny is going to be a new key strategy.

Ooh that and the sparkly flame throwing bra - that will definitely come in handy when trying to beat the que in Tesco!

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