Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Uh oh Filofax is calling again.....

I'm in love, again, fickle sort that I am and this time she's petite, sparkly and very, very gorgeous. Despite my other addiction to all things gadgety and shiny (iPad and iPhone anyone?) my heart really does belong to the humble pen and paper planner. However I really do think that it is time for me to seek out the FA - no not the football association but Filofax Anonymous. As this obsession is getting out of hand!

So here goes. Hi my name is Loulou And I am a Filofax addict.

So far this year I have bought 1 A5 Domino in bronze snakeskin, 2 Personal sized filos; a magenta Adephi and more recently a raspberry Chameleon. There was the bright blue pocket sized Domino - perfect for taking to Glastonbury festival with all the essential information and phone numbers in it and then the pocket Indie that was such a bargain in the sale at Staples I couldn't leave her behind to remain unloved in the Sale bin.

But despite all of these purchases (and of course I've not mentioned all the refills, paper and stickers that I've bought as well) I was getting the obsession under control (of sorts) so what does do? They go and discount the Ivory Deco - the most gorgeous of all the Filofax whom i have been coveting for months and months. Normally she retails at £195 - so for me despite all my planner obsession an unjustifiable purchase when I have so many lovely filos already at home.

But now, it is half price, as is the pocket version, so it is now a far more affordable (if still very expensive) £97.50 - which if you look at it logically and I used it every day that works out over the course of a year at just 27p per day. An absolute steal I'm sure you would agree...

But then there is the pocket version, smaller than my current everyday Filofax which is the raspberry Chameleon, but equally as divine to look at plus a whole £10 cheaper. Would this encourage me to downsize my planner size? And if so therefore be able to downsize my handbag? I'm a bugger for carrying around a handbag the size of a Smart car most days just to fit everything in so potentially a smaller planner would equal smaller bag...

But the final thorn in my side is the fact that allegedly the Ivory Deco is to be discontinued so if I don't purchase it now it may be gone forever, a thought far too painful to entertain...

Aaah maybe I should just get both to be sure?


  1. I love my Deco! Here is my Flickr photostream if you want some detailed photos:

    I say go for the Deco, because you still have lots of time to get the Chameleon if you decide you want it later. The Deco, at such an amazing price, won't last long and then it will be gone forever!

    And if you haven't discovered Philofaxy ("For The Love Of Filofax") yet, come and see us!

  2. I've posted a link to this post on Philofaxy, maybe others there will have some suggestions for you! Although usually we act more as enablers. ;)

  3. Lou Lou.... if you like it... buy it before disappears from sale.

    Filofax is no longer the product that you buy and keep the same one for 20 years buying a new diary each year. You can still do that of course. But Filofax is in the market of selling organisers not just inserts.

    So to get you to buy more organisers they continue to bring out more and more attractive organisers in different designs and colours. They are seasonal, the same design but different colours are available for a limited time.

    I also think they are most of a fashion accessory than a productivity tool... or both even, but as I say.. if you like it... buy it!


  4. Loulou have you decided as yet? Personal or Pocket?? I am anziously awaiting your decision,filofax addict that I am!
    Go deco!

  5. Well you lot are a bad influence!! One Deco Pocket ordered for a new year treat and possible downsizing project I will keep you posted on how I get on with La Madame Deco when she arrives.

    Merry Christmas to all Filofax addicts x

  6. Hooray!! ;D I think you will love your gorgeous new Deco! Congratulations! :)

  7. Well done - I treated myself to the Personal Ivory Deco. I have to decide what I can going to use it for! I have a habit of buying things then just gazing at them because they are so beautiful.

    Looking forward to hearing what you are going to use it for!

  8. Alison likewise you'll have to let me know what you decide to use your Deco for - she's too pretty to keep hidden away!!

  9. Another filo addict! Yay!

  10. Aspiretobe - utterly and tragically addicted it would seem!!