Sunday, 10 February 2013

Feeling the blues.....

So it's February already I mean seriously how?? But "thankfully" it's still cold, wet and raining so it still feels like January here by the seaside!!

In an attempt to pretend that Spring might be on its way I've switched up my Filofax to be the Finsbury in blue as it feels fresh and summery (unlike me sat here in a thick jumper and cosy slipper boots!)

I've also switched up my diary inserts to be the week on one page with notes again. I use this format in my "on the go" pocket sized Imperial Purple Finchley and in my work A5 Osterley and I used to used to use it in my Personal sized binders but I'd gotten used to the Cotton Cream week on two pages and was quite happy with them until recently....

However this year I'm finding with the wedding looming (7 months and counting eek) and lots of change going on at home I'm struggling to keep on top of my to do's for the week as they are slotted in all over the place - hence switching back. This way I have room on the left hand page for any appointments (hardly any!!) and loads and loads of room (i.e. a whole page) for my lists/to do's/ notes/ reminders etc meaning I feel much happier and in control!

I still have my month to view inserts in there so I can see exactly what is coming up but just a bit more room to write too!

So there it is no purple or pink for a change it is all about the blues....but not sad ones more tropical sea and skies to cheer up the continuous grey monotony!

How do you cheer yourself up in this miserable weather? Any tips or tricks?


Pretty Pretty Blue

Week on two pages (and yes I only put the Frixion in because it matches!!)