Sunday, 9 March 2014

Schedule Sunday # 4

Oops....what happened to February?

Like many people I know I appear to have lost a whole month! Yes work was/is busy and I've been lucky enough to have had some social stuff going on (rare but true!!) but even so a whole month lapsing by! I blame my age....

Anyhow a quick recap of last week in one sentence:

Driving a lot, assisting some students in their marketing project work and attending a networking event to gain inspiration for myself! 

Literary festivaling for a sunny Sunday

Today I was chauffeured by the DH to Bath, a fair old drive from our seaside abode (2 hours each way no less!) as I'd driven to and from Alton Towers for work this week he kindly volunteered to drive me to this beautiful spa town as I'd booked myself on a Red Magazine networking event all about getting yourself published. I'm one of those people who feels like there could be a novel (or at least a half decent short story) knocking about in my head but I need to try and work out how I develop that train of narrative into a cohesive structure. Enter a panel session with 3 women at the top of their fields - author, agent and publisher. It was a great event followed by an afternoon enjoying the sunshine pottering around the city - pretty much a perfect day!!

The plan ahead.....

So what's coming up this week? More work travel (I'm certainly giving my car a workout at the moment!), attending the reveal of Weymouth BID's marketing plan and vision, a leaving do to attend and the ever exciting contact lens check up on Saturday - I'm sure it's the lighter evenings that means I have more inclination to leave the house and actually get outdoors!! Long may this current sunny spell continue please weather gods!!

How are you all? Enjoying some sun I hope? Lx