Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Wardrobe Overhauling

Hey all

We've just been enjoying our final Bank Holiday of the season - you know, the one in the UK that marks the end of the halcyon period where we have several all in quick succession and then a long barren stretch until the end of August...yep that one! And Mr P and I have been enjoying a very chilled weekend - well we have had a hectic few weeks - we also have a week and half holiday coming up in mid June to look forward too as well..loving life right now!

This weekend also for me seems to mark the start of Summer, even if the weather here isn't really co-operating!!  It got me thinking as well how I've picked up a few pieces recently aiming to inject a shot of colour into my wardrobe. If you've read my blog for a while, or know me in real life my colour palette, especially in winter tends to focus on neutral colours like black, grey and white. Maybe a shot of navy every now and again...but in the simmer once I get a hint of colour on my skin I embrace a bit more colour!

In this vein I thought I'd share some of my recent purchases!

The Boden Necklace

I'm totally in love with this piece, it brightens up my plain t's and shirts adding a summery pop of colour and goes exceptionally well with denim!

 The Zara Bag

My husband did much eye rolling when I spotted this beauty in the Zara opposite Harrods during our visit to London last week - me I thought this was a) just the right shade of red b) the perfect summer crossbody size (room for phone/keys/lipgloss and money!!) c) a far more affordable version of the Celine bag but different enough to be clearly an inspired by not a blatant copy!

The New Look Vest

This vest is the perfect style - loose and swingy but not too flowy (no-one wants the vest that makes you look pregnant look going on now do we!!), it's the perfect shade of coral to inject some lovely summery passion into the wardrobe with my key denim staples..and worn under my black jersey blazer or a cardigan just adds that pop of colour! Did I mention it was uber cheap too??


So there we have it - my colour pop items to help me transition into the summer...here's hoping we get some sunshine again soon so I can rock some colourful items! Is there anything new you've purchased recently to add some vibrancy into your wardrobe? I'd love to see if so


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Schedule Sunday #5

So it's been a long gap.....again.....I'm sure I say this more often than my own name but where is this year going???

As we lurch towards the end of May I'm writing this enjoying a blissful Sunday night on the sofa catching up on Blacklist - if you don't want this you need to start if only for James Spader - love him! 

Anyway here it's a sweeter Sunday night than normal as we have a bank holiday Monday tomorrow - and unlike the last May bank holiday a few weeks ago I don't have to work this one huzzah!! Shame the weather isn't co-operating!!

That said the past week was pretty fab as we (that's me and the lovely Mr P) spent a few days in London - I got to experience my first gig in the Royal Albert Hall - simply amazing!! Plus we visited the London Eye, London Aquarium and a multitude of other sites! Plus ate our body weight in burgers :) 

I also managed a cheeky pitstop in Selfridges beauty hall and treated myself to the most perfect small red crossbody bag - overall a ruddy lovely few days!!

Anyway now the warmer weather is upon us I'm trying to reevaluate the wardrobe and work out what's work appropriate for the wet but warm season we seem to be in!!

Hope you are all doing well Lxx