Sunday, 25 May 2014

Schedule Sunday #5

So it's been a long gap.....again.....I'm sure I say this more often than my own name but where is this year going???

As we lurch towards the end of May I'm writing this enjoying a blissful Sunday night on the sofa catching up on Blacklist - if you don't want this you need to start if only for James Spader - love him! 

Anyway here it's a sweeter Sunday night than normal as we have a bank holiday Monday tomorrow - and unlike the last May bank holiday a few weeks ago I don't have to work this one huzzah!! Shame the weather isn't co-operating!!

That said the past week was pretty fab as we (that's me and the lovely Mr P) spent a few days in London - I got to experience my first gig in the Royal Albert Hall - simply amazing!! Plus we visited the London Eye, London Aquarium and a multitude of other sites! Plus ate our body weight in burgers :) 

I also managed a cheeky pitstop in Selfridges beauty hall and treated myself to the most perfect small red crossbody bag - overall a ruddy lovely few days!!

Anyway now the warmer weather is upon us I'm trying to reevaluate the wardrobe and work out what's work appropriate for the wet but warm season we seem to be in!!

Hope you are all doing well Lxx

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