Saturday, 29 January 2011

I've been bad - the shopping bug has bitten again......

So I woke up today feeling chipper, checked to see if my mobile DD had come out or not today (with it being a LONG LONG month and not due to be paid until Monday I like to double check that someone hasn't stolen my card and gone mad clearing out all my money and leaving me liable to bouncing DD's) and to my delight find that I have been paid early. Oh the joy. The depressing 6 week wait to be paid post Christmas splurging has ended. Huzzah huzzah huzzah.

So what did I do to celebrate? Count my money and transfer it immediately into non accessible savings? Did I heck. Curses to the ease of online shopping and the prevalence of discount codes....

Yep that's right, I shopped :0( However no Filofaxes were purchased (on this occasion) and they are all core wardrobe pieces, bar purchase no 1:

Courtesy of Amazon I ordered Professor Layton and the Curious Village for my super cute DSi that the lovely Mr P bought me for Chrimbo. He also got me the Forgotten Future with it - another PL game - but we had completed that one, and today on Amazon it was only £17.99 for the highly recommended Curious Village so click I went. These games are amazing for whiling away time together when waiting around at appointments etc.

Then I made the mistake of visiting Oasis, just to see what was new. Honest. But with a free delivery code when spending over £75 popping up on screen (is it just me that sees that as a challenge?) and 15% off it was new jeans (dark indigo wash, favourite ever cut, and I wear jeans almost constantly for work as well weekends and on the rare occasion I go out) ballet pumps in navy with cream bows (c'est chic n'est pas?) a lovely new jeans belt in tan (I've needed a new belt for my jeans for months now honest so this was an essential purchase) and finally a silky wear everywhere plum coloured vest that I expect will become a wardrobe staple in no time to perk up the shades of grey and black that I am often found in. It should also tone in nicely with my purple shoes :0)

All simple, classic items that will work well within my current wardrobe. And due to the savings the belt was essentially free....I am of course toying with the idea of the 15 items for 5 days wardrobe mix (see here) and figured the belt, vest and pumps would slot in well with the items I'm considering wearing with the jeans no doubt being essential wear from when they arrive. So all in all very solid investment shopping.

Now if I can just back away from the French Connection sale site we will be onto a winner...........

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