Tuesday, 4 January 2011

For the love of accessories.....

I have mentioned before about my Filofax addiction, I'm still currently desperately awaiting the arrival of the Pocket Ivory Deco purchased just before Christmas and no doubt caught up in all the delayed post chaos of the past few weeks just to torment me over my extravagant purchase.

Plus I have wittered on about my deliberations whether to purchase an iPad or not - to then finally bite the bullet and then find out we are to receive a free one from work (eesh the irony).

I have also blathered on about what to wear, pack, shop for at length...So it is clear that I am the sort of girl who dithers a lot before buying things, if you are new to my blog then read this and shake your head, preferably with loud tutting. I would say this is my only vice, being a dithering shopaholic, but alas I do like a glass of vino (vodka/cider and the rest) and I love my food. I do not smoke (hideous, smelly and expensive habit that I have never really understood) but I do love my accessories.

Beads, belts, scarves, shoes and most of all handbags. My general clothing tends to be simple and classic (well lots of denim and black t-shirts) which I like to jazz up with my accessories. As you can never have a fat day with a handbag, nor decide that a scarf makes your thighs look huge - however I digress.

The reason for this particular ramble is the current lust object of a new bag. It is by Fiorelli and pretty expensive (see here for the bag) BUT unlike all my other bags (honest) it is large enough to accommodate the essentials (Filofax, make up bag, iPad, iPhone, pens, tissues, purse etc etc) which admittedly many of my bags are - BUT it has divided sections which none of my current collection do.

The main reason for a segmented bag - so I don't scratch the exposed corners of my iPad by throwing my keys in the bag while it is in there.

Is this justification enough for the bag - um probably not. But I have been looking for ages for something classic, simple and good looking (much like the beloved Mr P, only joking should you read this) but large enough for using for work and when travelling for meetings etc etc

However it is January, the month of austerity...what to do?

P.S. for fans of fashion maths, I have worked out that by not parking in the car park adjacent to my office and instead walking in the 15 minutes from the free residential parking road I aim to use (apologies residents of that road) it would only be 10 days of parking spend to purchase said bag. This in itself is a welcome revelation as a) blimey that's a lot of money why on earth am I parking there so often? And b) think of the healthy exercise/fresh air bonus by always doing the walk.

Hmm maybe I'll just get a scarf instead and bank up a few rainy car park days....

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