Monday, 12 July 2010

Obsession Much?

So there I was in a very serious work type meeting with very serious work type people talking about incredibly important work things when I suddenly realise that I've spent the past few minutes obsessing over this pair of shoes I've seen that I desperately want.

Now before you sign me off as one of those very shallow shopping obsessed ladies let me just say (yes I am but) what is it about certain items that they can create such adoration and lust - right up until the moment you secure them?

I frequently spot things that I like but am relatively ambivalent towards until a) I find they don't have my size or b) they don't ship to the UK (it truly is amazing what you can see on the tinterbob shame that global delivery services aren't quite so advanced).

This "can't have" situation then creates a level of obsession scarcely seen since Heathcliff came storming back off the moors. I will spend hours researching, trying to hunt down said item usually a complete waste of time. However on the rare occasion I do track down the current object of lust it is as though a switch has been flicked and the item no longer has any hold over me and I can set it free!

Then there is the contrast between the ubiquitous wish list items and how I shop for them. When it comes to technical items (cameras/stereos/laptops/ipads) I can spend months and months researching the best option, what it does, what colour, how much processor/memory etc etc it all has. I will then sort of make a decision, almost decide where I am going to buy it from and then......nothing. I'll watch it in my basket, stare at it regularly and check it is still there and yet still nothing.

Contrast this with a handbag purchase (in the last case which cost more than said digital camera) it took mere moments to click buy. No research, no debate, no guilty conscience over the money...

This weekend after needing a digital camera for months and boring my OH to death with the options and the pros and cons on the one that I decided on months ago I still had not plucked up the courage to purchase her.....the continued deliberation drove the OH to escort me to to our local Currys (excellent price matching in store that one) to collect my shiny new red camera.

As he put it. "You've researched it, need it and know what you want. What is stopping you?"

Quite unsure of the answer to this very philosophical question other than handbags are pretty and cameras are technical and therefore less exciting (I decided against mentioning the black wedges at this point for fear of seeing an exploding boyfriend) I purchased the camera to the relief of Currys man and my man. Whether I can learn to love the camera the same way that I would with new shoes or bag remains to be is certainly more technical!!!!

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