Friday, 16 July 2010

The dangers of matchmaking...

After a very lovely dinner with a friend recently where we were trying to work out why some of our very lovely friends (both male and female) have still yet to meet Mr (or Miss) Right despite the many many tools that we all have at our disposal now with Internet dating being the biggy.

Now I am happily ensconced in a relationship with a very lovely man, we met via the wonderful site having been "recommended" respectively by close friends we were each others first date from the site and have been happily together for nearly 2 years.

However our success story also seems to work in reverse for our friends, fearful that they are unlikely to be as lucky as were to find each other they have completely gone the other way and avoiding the whole Internet idea completely!

Now I am not one for having to be with a partner for the sake of it, and frankly several of my friends would be far happier single than they are with their other halves but one thing I was certain of coming out of a 10 year relationship was that I would take every opportunity and chance to have fun, meet new people and for a change prioritise my life instead of my career.

This is how I ended up on msf (plus my friend's insistence that I had such appalling taste in men she needed to stage an intervention) and is how I met the super lush Mr P.

However this foray into the world of internet dating came after my first single summer in my 30's where I gave out my phone number, talked to strangers, snogged men in festival beer tents and generally lived a bit.

So for all those singletons who are spending all their time looking for Mr/Miss Right and have a huge list of the "must haves" (wealth/job/car) instead of just wanting to find someone to have fun with, go out with, share time and experiences together with I say relax. Take time to enjoy the time you have with your friends, learn something new, do something scary and think if tomorrow was my last day do I want to look down and think darn it if only I'd gone out and taken that chance at least I'd have some happy memories to reminisce over for eternity instead of fretting about being left on the shelf.

After all our 30's are the new and improved 20's with better shoes and more money!!!

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