Thursday, 29 July 2010

Amazing simple joys....

Today has started in the bestest way ever! Why because on arriving at my normal parking area I was greeted with the horror of having to parallel park on the wrong side (don't snigger you know what I mean - there is one side that every parallel parker can do without a worry - and then there is the other side, the one you avoid at all costs, as it will take several attempts to manage to get your car in the space, always on an angle and usually in front of an audience laughing at your ineptitude.

Well today I arrived, no spaces on the passenger side - the parallel side of choice - so I had no option but to attempt the tricky manoeuvre on the drivers side. A quick check for audience (just a dustbin lorry full of young boys, excellent no pressure then) and off we go - sun blinding me in one eye just for added bonus and despite believing that as normal my reversing in would be way off and require copious re-manoeuvre's I got in the space first time.

And not just in the space, a perfect distance from the curb, equally on both front and rear - it was an awesome and perfect moment. One which I shall cherish for the rest of the morning if not day. The simplest and smallest things are often the ones that make me most happiest and I just had to share!!

Good day to you all Lx

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