Sunday, 1 August 2010

Super Shiny Weekend

Well it is Sunday night which normally would mean BOO but having had the most relaxing weekend I feel for a change ready to face the week ahead (handy as it's gonna be a busy one at work!!)

So reasons for happy Sunday evening-ness?

  1. Finally had my haircut - it's been so frantic I've not even had a change to visit the salon but now once again have swingy, shiny, styled hair hurrah!

  2. Saw 2 blockbuster movies - A-Team and Toy Story 3 - both AWESOME

  3. Went for a 5mile Geo-caching hike around Kingston Lacey - beautiful countryside, sunshine and fresh air plus we found all 16 - AMAZIN!!

  4. Took Mr P to Lidl to get some essentials - and he actually didn't mind (Mr P hates the supermarket and normally will avoid at all costs!! This one however he managed to get round without wincing too much)

  5. Good food - Mr P cooked his world famous chilli and we had amazin burgers for tea tonight as reward for the massive hike

  6. Sherlock - perfect Sunday night tellybox watching uber lush

  7. Monday night means fireworks - here in our lush seaside town it is now officially summer season so the fireworks start - every Monday until the end of the summer, but as I'm a newbie resident (i.e since after last summer) I haven't yet seen them but tomorrow we are planning on going :0)

So there are the top 7 reasons why I am a happy lady...Oh that and we booked a little holiday,

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