Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Gym Love

It's official I'm a convert (well for now anyhoo) tonight I once again ventured to the scary moving machine place - otherwise known as the gym. I joined a little while ago and went for my induction (very good) and a boxercise class (nearly died) 5 weeks ago but the lush weather and balmy summer evenings plus work/social/geo caching commitments (laziness) has meant I hadn't been back...well we resolved that this evening with a sess on the cross trainer, bike etc.

Now I may look like a floundering sea-lion trying to work out how to operate the advanced machinery that wouldn't look out of place in a Terminator movie attacking the heroine but my heart is in the right place and I was soon pounding away watching a bit of Emmerdale mixed in with Coast and Sky News - eclectic reading when you just catch glimpses of the subtitles while puffing away - I believe they are looking for some penguins who are either playing in the England team or have committed a double murder in Scotland (I for one will be watching the 10'o'clock news tonight just in case!!) however tonight's visit was marred by the very annoying England match build up on the telly - frankly I could not be less interested but all the men (and there were lots staring aimlessly at the goggle box this evening) were enthralled and got in the way - a lot!!

Anyway my aim is to try the scary boxercise class again tomorow which will mean the following
  1. If you hear the air ambulance has been called out around 8pm tomorrow fear not it will only be me
  2. That come Saturday I will be unable to walk
  3. Or lift my arms above my head
  4. Or turn sideways

But I will feel morally virtuous and able to scoff chinese food on Friday huzzah!! bring on the pain...

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