Sunday, 1 August 2010

Getting the wrong end of the stick and running with it

Well here it goes, it would appear that I may have gotten the wrong end of the stick in a conversation with Mr P last week that resulted in my recent blog about holidays....

Now I know many of you will understand the difficulties of a boy and girl living together with the differences in the communication that we have. Especially when you add some wine into the mix...

Here is my recollection of said recent discussion:

Me: So when can we book our holiday to Las Vegas?
Mr P: I don't want to go this year

(please note there may be missing stages due to chardonnay induced amnesia)

It would appear however after speaking to Mr P afterwards that this was not the full extent of the chat - or even the actual transcript of that moment in the conversation...

So it would seem he may have been the victim of a PFD moment..or Psycho Female Disorder for the uninitiated.

PFD is that classic moment when all sense goes out the window due to some inconsequential item and a rant becomes inevitable. Not my finest moment me thinks...

So it got me thinking, what is it that makes me occasionally slightly nuts and how in future can I avoid taking it out on Mr P?

  1. Avoid drinking (hmmm unlikely what else)
  2. Avoid talking to Mr P (also unlikely seeing as we do live together)
  3. Try new age meditation to remain calm at all times (????)
  4. Excessive valium intake (hmmm that is as bad an idea as no 3)

And here I become stuck....ideas please

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