Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Musical musings. Part one...

So I got to thinking today while driving home listening to the dulcet tones of Wessex FM (imagine your typical south west yokels let loose with a record collection circa 1985) about the importance of music to me and how certain records really do provide the soundtrack to my life.

Now I warn you the following post may offend some people (those with musical tastes for example) but these are the songs and why that make up my Top 8 ...

Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing
Now I love ALL the Dire Straits songs, they are just one of the best bands ever in my opinion (just in case anyone was unsure I am totally the un-coolest person I know) and this song above all epitomises them to my eardrums. The riffs, the lyrics, the mix heaven in a audio file. It brings back memories of hearing my Dad typing into all hours of the night, of my Mum walking down the stairs that always creaked to tell him to turn it down as it was late and we were supposed to be sleeping. Most of all it reminds me of being happy and safe and secure and a kid.

The Verve - Love Is Noise
This song epitomises the summer of 2008 to me, a turbulent year when I decided to totally change my life (quit my job, ditch the London life and the unhealthy relationship that went with it) watching The Verve play this at Glastonbury that June barely a month after my total life change was an awesome moment where for the first time I knew for sure that no matter what happened I'd made the right decisions and I remember hobbling to dance - this was the year I foolishly wore trainers as it was sunny on the Thursday drank cider (and wine, and shots and erm..) and then managed to slip over and sprain my ankle so badly I spent 3 months in flat shoes - oh the shame.

Faithless - Don't Leave
A haunting but amazing song taken from the soundtrack of A Life Less Ordinary. I don't know why I love this song so much but it is one of those that is always on my most played list and would be a desert island disc number purely because it resonates so much with me. The haunting simplicity of the lyric don't leave i think encapsulates how sometimes you can be so totally wrapped up in yourself that it comes as a shock when the person you need the most ups and leaves.

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean
I was lucky enough to see Michael Jackson twice in concert - on the Dangerous and HIStory tours in his prime these were the most awesome and exciting concerts that you could possibly home to see

Don Henley - Boys of Summer
I love everything about this track it sums up summer in 4.48 minutes with iconic lines like "I saw a deadhead sticker in a Cadillac" it makes me smile every time I hear it and to be best enjoyed it has to be full blast in the car on a sunny day with your sunglasses on :)

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
This song was played at my Dad's funeral - now this was nearly 20 years ago but as soon as I hear the first few bars of this song it takes me back to being 14 years old and missing my Dad, however this is also why I love it - the song in some way links me back with that 14 year old me; the one that was confused and hurt and unsure of what was to come and being the old timer that I am now it is almost a link to the past to say it's OK, it sucks but everything will turn out the way it is supposed to.

Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - Summertime
I am of an age where if you don't know all the words to this song shame on you! The most timeless and iconic of the early 90's everything about it just makes you laugh and smile. From the lyrics to the happy sample straight through to the rapping (so bad it hurts but it rhymes and is child friendly so not all bad if not as hip as some rappers like to be these days)

Jamelia - Superstar
This song takes me back to the September of my first birthday bash in the house I had just bought in Yeovil. I played this single (remember CD singles??? Back in the day before mp3s and iPods became the norm - lord I am so old) dancing around my lounge playing it over and over and over again - my poor neighbours I don't think they ever recovered. I had all my friends round for drinks starting at mine before hitting up the bright lights of Yeovil town, all the girls were out in the kitchen/garden knocking back the cocktails (I love a good cocktail me) the boys were sat in the lounge dribbling over the Eric Prydz video - you know the one some random dance track with scantily clad exercising ladies in lycra

Now I know 8 is a random number to have a top list of anything however I figure my musical tastes are so amazing I need to take this blog over several entries to build on the excitement you must be feeling by now!!! Surely I can't top this selection? Oh but I can..........

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