Saturday, 18 September 2010

Birthday jollys and musings

Firstly apologies for the length in time between posts...I have been enjoying the gym and nights out and appear to have lost a whole month - this is very careless at my age - and with only 98 sleeps until Christmas I need to re-engage with my life before it turns out it is January!!

So it was my birthday this week, I love birthdays, mine, my loved ones, friends, random strangers who have happy birthday sung to them in Italian restaurants - I just love the celebration and not just because of presents (although I love those too) I think birthdays are special because they are a matter to celebrate still being alive and going.

Call me maudlin but as we get older more and more people we know and love disappear each year as you loose touch, or due to hideous and disgusting illnesses and the like. This is why birthdays I think are a fantastic chance to say "Wayhey I'm still here and I'm going to make the most of the next 12 months until I get to be the centre of attention again!!"

So to celebrate my birthday - which of course I have stretched over several days to maximise the attention being on me hehe has resulted in the following loveliness - actual birthday Thursday - dinner with lovely Mr P, Friday cocktails and singstar with the urban family more to follow on that night of excess soon however I do now have a v poorly Mr P who is still in recovery, fingers crossed he recovers in time for tonight's Saturday night dinner with my lovely family for Thai food (my fave) and then it is Sunday, a time to relax and pump my liver full of anti-oxidants....

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