Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Classically Edgy?

I am having trouble getting dressed. There it is, the very shallow and superfluous but utterly frustrating issue currently facing me every morning. I have a fair old drive of a commute so I get up early and leave the house at about 6.45am. I also work in an office where wearing flip flops, cut off jeans and a crop top is dressing smartly. I long to be able to wear the Mad Men inspired ladylike looks, with pencil skirts and sexy secretary. I miss the days of dressing up for work to look professional and smart, frankly ironing a vest top is about as close as I now get to immaculate preening. However the main issue is being able to gain valuable extra minutes in bed so removing any issues over what to wear would save me much valuable time.

Therefore I have decided I need to create for myself a "capsule wardrobe". For the capsule wardrobe is an enigma, it consists of having the perfect number of items that not only flatter your body, make you feel amazing but also work for any occasion while seamlessly mixing and matching effortlessly. This is fashion Mecca.

I however am the antithesis to a capsule wardrobe owner, I own a wardrobe groaning at the seems with clothes and yet I have nothing to wear. How so the lovely Mr P often asks (he who shops barely once a year and yet always looks dapper and well dressed) with all these clothes can you have nothing to wear???

Well after reading Red magazine this month it seems clear it is because I have not yet uncovered the 3 words that epitomise my "style". Whether this be Modern, Chic and Edgy like the author of the piece Anna Van Praagh or Elegant, Eccentric and Edgy as Brix (Gok's "aaaaaah fashion" glamorous sidekick) Smith-Start would describe herself. Now I am in no way in the league of these glamorous ladies but could the 3 word principle help in my search for wardrobe nirvana?

What is my style and how would I sum it up in just 3 words? Frankly based on the examples given in this article my initial thoughts of Creased, Comfy and Casual just won't cut it...So I decided to compile my fashion saviours to see if they can shed any light:

1) Denim - I love denim, jeans for work, the perfect denim jacket over a dress, hotpants (well maybe not but you get the drift)

2) Black - I adore black - it suits me (officially I had my colours done years ago and I was a Winter the only black wearing season and also why you'll never see me in pastels as I look like I have developed some tropical disease which has sucked all the life out of me). Black is cool, glamorous, chic - just look at the photos of the fashion editors at London Fashion Week if you don't believe me!!

3) Accessories - I love beads, bangles, boots (hmmm I'm sure there are other non B related items that should go here too) generally all the accoutrement's that you can use to dress up a simple outfit and personalise it to make it your own. Plus even in the midst of the occasional crisis called "having a fatday" my accessories still fit

4) Handbags - now technically while bags may be classified as accessories anyone who knows me can testify to my love of handbags. I have far too many I'm sure but I love them all and they all add a different edge to whatever I'm wearing. Prim and proper with a structured hand held bag or edgy and glam with my new tasselled tote courtesy of lovely Mr P. Each bag epitomises a different look or personality and spruces up the sometimes bland uniform I can find myself in.

5) leopard print - I am so very excited that leopard is back in fashion in a big way this winter. I own shoes, scarves, bags and soon to be a belt (hopefully) as I think leopard print done carefully looks so chic and old school glamorous (think 60's Sophia Loren not 80's Bet Gilroy)

6) High heels - I am a munchkin it is official at only 5'3 now while this is a giantess compared my sub 5' mother I am of dinky proportion to my social circle as highlighted by a friend on Friday who commented "my aren't you short" I've known her 2 years and clearly always wear heels when I see her based on her shock at my diminutive stature. I love high heels, sparkly ones, wedge ones, stiletto ones - I feel sexier and more glamorous dressed in them and I wouldn't dream of presenting at work without them.

7) Earrings - or more specifically the small silver stud in the top of my right ear. I had my ear pierced after having a mini mid life crisis when I turned 30. After quitting my career, home and relationship I planned to mark my rebirth with a tattoo, permanently commemorating the new me. However rebirth or not I'm terrified of needles (did you know that tattoos involve needles and pain!!!) the tattoo idea was short lived but as mark of rebellion the ear was pierced. Baby steps that's me - rebel without a clue.

So for fear of boring you (and potentially me) any longer what do these 7 key themes to my wardrobe mean to my "style" ?

Am I edgy? Not really.
Am I urban? Not at all unfortunately.

My 3 words I think then are as follows:

Structured - I like to wear things that skim not smother so that I celebrate the curves rather than drown them (otherwise I can look like the size of a bus)

Classic - simple separates put together, practical but not boring, classic chic looks if you will

Rebellious - whether it be leopard print or new ear piercings every day there should be something subversive or edgy without being too overt. An accent dish not the main course.

So now I have my 3 words it is time to use them to inspire my autumnal shopping - therefore this is my current wishlist for the new season:

A) Leopard print belt
B) the perfect crop trouser (gap?)
C) a lightweight trench coat (gap again)
D) a black lace t-shirt for layering
E) a furry gilet - Oasis have shown some lush ones
F) high heeled hiking boots from Red or Dead

So, thoughts? What would your 3 words be and do you agree with mine? Or what are your new season wishlists?

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