Wednesday, 29 September 2010

3D Star Wars - oh yes yes yes please

I am having a proper OMG, so excited I could squeal moment much to the disgust of Mr P because I came home with the news that George Lucas, inspired by Avatar is going to 3D up the Star Wars series.....


I am literally joyous at this prospect - does this make me nerdy hmmmm I think the answer there is a resounding YES!

But listen, while episodes 1-3 (the newer ones) I will agree are not great, episodes 4-6 (the original 3) are awesome, my favourite films of all time and the ones if I were stuck on a desert island I could watch all day, every day (assuming I had a working TV and DVD player on a desert island obviously!)

I mean can you imagine watching Darth Vader and Obi Wan fighting with the light sabers and literally popping out of the screen in front of you...eeeeee I'm so excited for next year's cinema trips!!!!

Find out more here

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