Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Disappearing time....

I don't know how this has happened but it is only 1 more week until the lovely Mr P and I depart for our Autumn sojourn to the bright lights and glamour of Vegas. Understandable I am tres excited, I have only visited the USA once before an amazing and frantic 4 day trip to New York but never with a young man have I travelled so far.

So a quick travel guide to remind Mr P just what he has let himself in for on this trip away:

  1. Packing Lists - I love lists, like proper LOVE them. I love writing them in my Filofax, on post it notes, in spreadsheets and a holiday means lists extraordinare - what to pack, what to take as hand luggage, what to wear, what not to forget, what to buy....the joy of creating all these micro organisational elements of the holiday become a huge part of the fun for me (tragic but true)
  2. Passport Panic - I am a frantic passport/ticket checker, multiple checks an hour just in the rare chance that instead of putting the tickets back in my handbag I tossed them out of the window while we were driving up the motorway - how else to explain why I will check the tickets even while still in the car having checked them already upon getting in and securing the door. Truly bizarre and probably a tad annoying to any normal person but seems perfectly sensible to me
  3. Airport Shopping - I love shopping at the best of times and airports have all the loveliest things all tucked away together ripe for the picking - at discounted prices. I could easily spend my holiday money in the departures hall so that I'm shopped out before even getting on the plane
  4. Freaking Out On Planes - I'm a bit of a scardy cat when it comes to planes. I really can't understand how these big things stay in the air, or take off, or land? And when I start to think about it as invariably you do when strapped into one I start to freak out. It's the loss of control I think - no lists for me to create for the staff and pilots without fear of being thrown out the plane at high altitude
  5. The Itinerary - Back to the lists I have a mehusive list of things that I really want to see and do - from watching a show (Cirque du Soleil??) to riding the Stratosphere to seeing the Venetian gondolas and walking the length of the strip - I want to see and experience as much as possible - I mean I bought new trainers for the occassion and everything!!

As you can see despite all of these things that Mr P witnessed on our first holiday to Egypt together it is surprising that he has signed up for a long haul mission to the states with the travelling companion from hell. Spontaneity and fun I don't think so. Tightly scheduled lists of activities oooh yes please. And there is still the iPad question...a perfect travel companion do we think, is this the time to bite the bullet and finally purchase my new toy?

So will Mr P survive the holiday travel planning in one piece? Will I? Watch this space....

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  1. Honeybean, I LOVE this post! Have a wonderful time and promise me we'll catch up when you're back - I want to see the photos and the tan!

    Love you,

    Lulu xxx