Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Holiday Conundrums

So being as I live in one seaside resort and drive daily to another one for work when it comes to that time of year when one's mind starts daydreaming of relaxing on golden beaches with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other I have plenty of inspiration on my doorstep.

However as I live with a official fidget whose worst nightmare appears to be exactly this style of fly and flop the negotiations over holidays can prove interesting. Earlier this year we partook in a winter getaway to Egypt - Sharm El Sheik to be precise - needless to say this was not without its issues - namely in a region that NEVER has rain we were present for a monstrous thunderstorm that included so much rain our hotel was flooded, the swimming pools filled with mud and part of the airport roof fell in (I kid you not google it!!). However we had a fab time and on our return started talking about where we could potentially go next...

So with beach holidays not being top of Mr P's wish list, and skiing not being a favourite choice of mine (true I've never been but exercise, freezing cold and snow are not top of my list when it comes to picturing a holiday from the norm) we started to talk about the good ol USA and more specifically Las Vegas and Grand Canyon.

Please note there is no hidden meaning towards a) a quickie wedding b) a gambling addiction but more an urge to see the awesome wonder of the Canyon and spend a few hedonistic days together somewhere fun.

The date for this planned trip was to be October, Vegas weather cool enough to be bearable, good time for vacation time from work etc etc. However it would appear this is not to be...upon a brief discussion with Mr P it seems our jaunt to Vegas is in a permanent state of pause the true reason I am unsure but needless to say a disappointing state of affairs.

However ever the planner that I am with my trusty filofax by my side I have made a list (if you know me you know my love of lists) of places to visit for a weekend away as with my birthday looming in September this could be the perfect opportunity to explore some as yet unLucyified European city so in order of preference what are your thoughts? Where would be good for a potential mid September getaway?

  1. Barcelona
  2. Venice
  3. Paris
  4. Milan
  5. Madrid

Decisions decisions x

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