Saturday, 12 June 2010

The difficult first blog....

So hello, here it is my first ever blog post. An avid follower of several other blogs and a frustrated writer in hiding I've often thought about starting a blog but was far too worried about the following to actually bite the bullet and start one...

  1. What if I can't think of anything to write about -now I have no issues with talking a lot as anyone who knows me will testify to but writing a blog...what if I am boring? Or no-one reads it? Or worse......what if someone reads it and hates it/me???
  2. The techy angle - will I be able to work out how to set one up? Oh the shame if it turns out I'm a little too technophobic to start one properly!!
  3. Newspapers, magazines and pens are the things dreams are made of...I love the sound it makes when I write in my journal can a blog ever compare?

But the time has come - as clearly I have too much to waffle on about that I can fit in a tweet or a Facebook update I have decided to seize the day and start here we go!!!!

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