Saturday, 1 December 2012

A Christmas Gift Guide For Her

So it is now officially the run up to Christmas as it is the 1st of December. And I am super excited for the Christmas season this year as it is my last "single" Christmas. This time next year I will be a married lady (hopefully, assuming Mr P doesn't change his mind at the last minute and decide to run off and join a circus!)

And with the Christmas season comes the dreaded gift choosing - well I say dreaded, I love shopping and any excuse to shop for lots of lovely things even when they're not for me is time well spent I say. Plus I adore all the wrapping of the gifts, placing them under the Christmas tree and writing tags/cards while watching a cheesy Christmas movie and drinking a glass of wine. Bliss!!!

But this year with the aforementioned wedding to save for Mr P and I have set a nominal budget, to ensure we don't spend silly and save instead for the day where we take 100 of our closest friends and family out for lunch and dinner!! While I can think of a million things I could buy Mr P he is fretting over the "little bits" as he calls it. And no reassurances from me that a coloured pen and a bottle of nail polish are super gifts works (I mean seriously he should read my blog to see how excited a notebook and Pilot Frixxion pen in a new colour makes me!!) it got me thinking there must be hundreds of men out there that fret over what to buy their girlfriend/wife so I thought I'd put together a little suggestion box to see if I can help (and yes I admit it these are things I would adore to wake up to from Father Christmas this year too)

If in doubt go for the packaging...

When it comes to good girl gifts I don't think you can go wrong with a good lippie - buying a "posh" lipstick doesn't have to be overly expensive but the thought factor of your man going to a beauty counter and choosing a lipstick or even a nail polish from Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent will quadruple the cost of the gift in her eyes.

Classics to look out for are:

The Yves Saint Laurent Candy Volupte lipsticks - these are moisturising and the colour is quite sheer so even if your lady is not a huge lippie wearer she should like the lip balm with a spot of colour effect these give (hint I have the Luscious Cherry one and it not only looks amazing (packaging) but smells lush and feels wonderful to apply I highly recommend!!)


If lips aren't your thing then a super swanky bottle of mail polish is another winner! Anything by Chanel or Dior  here for amazing packaging - rule of thumb choose a dark plum colour, a pale pink/nude colour or a fire engine red. Unless you know for sure your lady likes a neon or blue finger tip stick to a classic shade from one of those categories you won't go far wrong! If you are in Boots then check out the Essie range of polishes, a cult beauty favourite and amazing range of colours. OPI is another favourite brand of mine, the new Skyfall collection (yes boys inspired by the James Bond film) all look gorgeous!

And finally if these aren't your style then do check out Benefit ( for quirky packaging and excellent products. Blushers are really good from there in cute little box packages and they do lots of different gift sets containing miniatures of cult products where you really can't go wrong!

It's the little things that count

Nic knacks may seem annoying to boys (well at least Mr P) but small "mundane" objects that you use everyday like umbrellas, travel card holders, change purses, key rings, Kindle sleeves and mobile phone cases all come now in a massive variety of designs and prints. A gift like this means your recipient will use her present everyday and will think of you every time she does! And don't think just because she has a key ring/umbrella etc already she won't appreciate a cute new one!! Great sites to check out for small but gorgeous items like this are:

Red Direct
Not on the High Street
John Lewis

Or on the high street Primark is great as are Boots, House of Fraser and Debenhams. Seriously who doesn't love a quirky umbrella or a new key chain?

Snuggle me warm and cosy

Of course other classic and inexpensive gifts include:

  • scarves - you can NEVER have too many scarves 
  • costume jewellery - sparkly items or classic silver studs are always welcome
  • slippers - warm tootsies are the way to a girls heart (and in my house come in handy as an anti kitten foot chomping device too!)
  • gloves - at this time of year a soft pair of cute gloves are really handy (no pun intended honest!) as I'm always loosing one of my gloves and I can'y be the only one (can I?)
For all these items check out Primark, Monsoon/Accessorise and Oasis. All have excellent ranges this year and prices from £2 upwards so super affordable too!

If in doubt just hit up Boots for pampering products to warm her cockles...look out for ranges from Champneys and Soap & Glory you really can't go wrong!!

And then there's always the stationery....

Of course a post from me wouldn't be complete without a Filofax recommendation and some post its and pens!

I am currently lusting after this Parker Sonnet ball pen which I think is just stunning:

Or there's the whole of Paperchase from pens, to stationery and stickers is amazing!! And frankly just get me some Hootsuite sticky notes and I'd be a very happy girl:

Then from Filofax (and if you order anything make sure you order via City Organiser as their website is just the best!) I am in love with the new style Flex notebooks especially the Blackcurrant Lizard Print cover (would go so well with the Parker Sonnet don't you think?)

Add caption

And also the Temperley for Filofax Violet in Pocket Size (yes I'm thinking again about downsizing, no I don't need the binder, yes I think it's lovely and want want want.....)

This is super cute and with the bespoke inserts adorable in my opinion....


So there you go, what do you think about my gift list? I am having to try very hard not to splurge and buy all the items now for myself (perhaps I could wrap for under the tree from Boots the kitten??)

 Just so you know, all the links I've added are purely to show you where you can get the items it's not for kickbacks and none are sponsored :)

Let me know what you think of my list in the comments, what are you hoping for this Christmas and what items are you purchasing for people in your life?



  1. Ooh - I've already told Ben what I would like for Christmas, but am very tempted to direct him to this post and then he can get me fab stuff from my boys as well :o) I already have Ben's present sorted (can't say what as he may be checking this out later), and the boys are done too - main presents for them this years are new bikes (will be taking them out in the snow to learn to ride them on Christmas day I think...)

    1. Oooh you are v organised!! I've started my shopping but nowhere near done yet! Main priority is obviously presents for Boots lol!! This whole post came about as Steve was whinging about having to think of little things hehe Lx