Friday, 18 February 2011

Things I Love Friday

Is this not the best V Day card ever?

So another Friday has arrived with another week flying by (OMG is it really nearly March?) so therefore it's time for another Things I Love Friday post...I can hear the celebrations and cheers from here :0)

So here are my Top 5 this week:

I was lucky enough to receive the most gorgeous bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day from the lovely Mr P. A combination bunch of red roses and lilies (my absolute favourites) arrived for me at work bless him, with a lovely card all Vegas like - he's a keeper this one!! But even better than the flowers and card Mr P's appetite was back in full flow after feeling dodgy all weekend. So we had a romantic meal in of steak and chips plus garlic butter (him) and Diane sauce (me) yummy so a truly perfect V Day.

My gorgeous flowers and all his get well type cards!!

Along with the many other side affects of chemo Mr P's tastes have changed quite dramatically and rice is currently banned from our house. He's no idea why really but the idea of it makes him quite queasy. Not a problem, only I've been craving Singapore Fried Rice from our local Chinese for weeks now (absence makes the heart grow fonder and all that) so this week while Mr P sneaked out for a long overdue escapade from the house I binged in Chinese and it was amazing. Even if I did eat it with all the windows open and scented candles burning to make sure that my contraband dinner smells didn't give away the fact that I'd riced it up for tea. Simple pleasures are the best.

While the big holibobs plan is for a trip to Whistler in Canada next January we are thinking of lots of lovely things to do this year to celebrate being here (Isle of Wight and Glastonbury festivals are a given of course) we needed something just slightly nearer to look forward to and a jaunt across the pond seemed just the ticket. I've always wanted to go and see the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and the Champs Élysées while he wanted to see what Euro Disney is like - and with it being such a short hop, skip or train ride away a potential May trip would be perfect. So I now have in my possession a Lonely Planet guide for Paris (we loved the Vegas one so this brand new 2011 guide just slipped into the Amazon basket so easily) this weekend will include lots of researching and list making, bliss.

I mentioned on Monday about taking part in the wardrobe challenge - well I sort of did - only I didn't blog about it so a massive round up blog post tomorrow of how I got on, photos and the such like coming up. In brief it was far more fun that I expected and I clearly love stripes, maybe a bit too'll see all tomorrow!!

Thursday night involved accompanying Mr P to a band practice (he is a uber fab bass player with a brilliant covers band much in demand in our town) they had a couple of gigs planned before he got poorly that they didn't want to cancel (good upstanding boys these) so they have enlisted the services of Ben - the hardest working bass player in the world. He currently works full time and plays bass in 4 bands already and is now a special guest star standing in for Mr P in their band Hybrid (see their myspace Hybrid for lists of gigs and to see photos and hear some of their stuff or why not like them on Facebook sorry shameless plug over!!) So while they had a practice session all together to make sure everyone knew what songs they were playing or when to come in I quaffed 2 glasses of very nice vino (Temperanillo) and got quite squiffy. As I've not been drinking much in the past couple of months the vino went straight to my head - but despite that (because of that?) it was a most enjoyable evening hanging out with some friends listening to some good tunes. And on a school night too!! Thank goodness we have the half day Friday policy at work is all I can say.

So anyone done anything good this week and fancy sharing? Right beef noodles for tea to prepare - yummy


p.s. Am currently watching Mr P play LBP2 and I want to adopt a sackboy, just too adorable

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