Monday, 14 February 2011

Monday Tastic


So another week rolls around, but at least here in my spot of Dorset we saw sunshine last week so I take that as positive hope that Spring will soon be flourishing. I am ever the optimist.

So this Monday what are my Top 5 goals??? Well I failed miserably last week on 1. Go to Gym, 4. Make sushi and 5. Eat more fruit and veg. 4 and 5 were mainly down to Mr P and his superhuman sense of smell that has developed recently so both of these roll over as does 1. I am struggling with when I can gym it at the moment - before work is not an option as my gym in the hometown doesn't open early enough that I can go and get into work on time (due to the 1 hour commute) the post work workout isn't really an option due to getting home for Mr P (well if you were to spend all day on your tod at home even you would be pleased to see me!!) And weekends tend to be a bit hectic with housework and visitors and stuff. However that is an awful lot of excuses!!!

I did however have a very productive week at work and sort of managed the capsule wardrobe-esq idea so not all was lost!!

Anyhoo....the new Top 5 (then +3 from above rolling over) are:

1.  Well seeing as it is Valentine's Day today what else could be number 1 other than make sure I tell everyone who I care about how much I love them this week. I want to catch up with some old friends who I'll admit I've been very lax in speaking to recently as everything has been so hectic. And of course hopefully Mr P will be pleased with a certain V Day Splurge I got for him (fingers crossed I bought the correct thing - I spent far more than I meant to but I'm so easily led by the salesmen in Solutions Inc that I'm an easy customers)

2. It is Capsule Wardrobe week as inspired by The Small Fabric of My Life this week I am rocking only 10 items of clothing and 5 accessories - see here for my mix in a post all about it :0) And find out next week if I cave or if I manage it!!!

3. I am also planning on make up splurge this week - I am finally going to muster up the courage/time to pop into Beales and purchase the Mac Lippy in Girl About Town as seen in this post on Lauren Loves. I also need some new moisturiser - I've been seduced by the promises of Jennifer Garner in the new Neutrogena advert so might give that a whirl. I have been using No7 but it feels too heavy for me so going to try sommat new.

4. Fingers crossed Mr P will have band practice tomorrow (have I mentioned he is in a band?? He is a bassist extraordinaire) This means on Tuesday I could a) go to gym and b) sneakily have Chinese flavoured rice that I have been craving for ages but is smelly and made of rice - 2 things that are persona non Grata in Casa Splucy at the moment...

5. Book haircut! My hair is now totally out of control and so long it can go up in a ponytail. This is not good. I have thick hair that left alone bends (not curls, curls are pretty) in very strange directions. It needs urgent pruning so I can again have a) a fringe b) a do rather than a mop and c) something that requires only 5 minutes as opposed to 30 to fix in the morning. All of this is incredibly vain and vacuous, blame the Internet, or glossy magazines. Aim -to look more like this:

Lily Allen rocking her messed up bob

And less like:


Which is exactly how I feel after being caught in a rainshower!!

Have a lovely week y'all


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