Saturday, 5 February 2011

Overdue self-maintenance

I have decided that being a girl is hardwork. Far more preparation and work goes into a girl leaving the house than your average man (I know some boys are uber high maintenance but I'm going with the average here work with me).

My usual routine on a work day thus involves getting up 3 hours before I start work (I have a LONG commute) and runs as follows:
  1. Waking up, snoozing and then hurtling out of bed at speed as I realise I have over snoozed and am running late
  2. Shower - washing and conditioning hair everyday as I wake up looking like I've slept upside down with small animals pulling at my hair all night
  3. Usual face washing, contact lenses in, teeth cleaning etc
  4. Blow dry hair
  5. Straighten hair
  6. Moisturise and put on foundation (the rest of my make up while limited is applied in the car upon parking at work - I leave the house at 6.45ish am every second counts here!)
  7. Dress (change, change again, scowl at lack of ironed clothes and change for final time)
  8. Peg it out of house and curse should car need defrosting as by now I'm running REALLY late
  9. Drive to work for between 1 to 2 hours depending on a) traffic leaving hometown b) insane roadworks around my hometown c) any delay in leaving hometown meaning I hit all the school traffic in worktown slowing me down even further
  10. Arrive at work parking, put on makeup and rush to inhale coffee before starting day
A standard man morning (or my man's standard morning) incurs a total time from start to finish of about 30 minutes so his morning runs like this I believe:
  1. Waking up, snoozing and then hurtling out of bed at speed as he realises that he has over snoozed and is due at work in 20 minutes
  2. Showers
  3. Dresses
  4. Walks to work arriving around 5-10 minutes late (they pay him for what he knows not what he does apparently!!)
My boy is more a wash and go type, he doesn't need to spend hours in front of the mirror to look naturally good - extremely annoying!

So as well as the morning routines us ladies also have to invest in the following to avoid being pelted in the streets with bread rolls by passers by according to the glossy magazines ;0)
  1. Exfoliation
  2. Epilation
  3. Hair colour refreshing (if like me the odd (thousand) greys are attempting a coup on your barnet
  4. Body brushing
  5. Moisturising face of course and body
  6. Manicures
  7. Pedicures
  8. Fake tanning (this I am incapable of without resembling a satsuma that has bathed in digestives while running in a rainstorm)
  9. Eye/night/serum/wrinkle de-crease creams
  10. Face masks
This of course is not a definitive list just the one that rolls off the top of my head the quickest. And many of you naturally gorgeous types will not need the full list above. Me however as I am knocking on a bit am starting to include more and more of these items in my routine - prevention is better than cure being my new mantra.


While desperately overdue for a haircut the marauding mob of grey has broken ranks, so I am trialling a new home kit - the nice'n easy Foam in medium brown. This is not my usual choice (and it is a permanent instead of semi-permanent colour like I normally do) but it was a) on offer for just £5 b) promises "Tones and highlights in a drip-free foam you can easily apply with your hands" - thus hopefully preventing any future hair dye on the woodwork disasters happening again (ooh I was in trouble then) and c) came in lots of brown shades

So here it is:

And here is how it works:

So the verdict?

Strange but good would be my overall review.

Easy to mix and apply. The foam pumper is good (even if you do have squeeze from the middle of the bottle which gets a bit slippy) it was easy to apply and smooth into the hair. I found it did drip a bit but the end result is really shiny and good coverage plus having 2 conditioner sachets in the box is a nice touch. Sold :0)

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