Sunday, 27 February 2011

Oooh Filofax you are bad

Courtesy of Filofax UK on Facebook
So y'all know I'm a mega obsessed with my Filofaxes. I'm currently trying very hard not to panic buy a Personal size Deco in Ivory (after the disaster downsize test ) as it is allegedly being discontinued and I stupidly didn't buy while half price. I absolutely cannot justify the price tag for a full price one (I'm currently watching an Ebony one on eBay though...) but I was perfectly happy with my Chameleon, many happy hours spent rejigging the set up and page changes. Making lists, more lists and then lists of lists....happy sigh.

And then Filofax leak some new product pictures on their Filofax Facebook page and OMG I'm now obsessing about the Malden in Vintage Rose. It looks so pretty and all the reviews I've read about the Malden have been so complimentary about the soft leather etc.

Aaah I surely don't need any more binders do I? Or is it that the Malden could become the new must have bible for me? Is the Malden leather really that amazing that I need a new Filofax? And if so what could I use my Chameleon for?

I really do need FA (Filofax anonymous)



  1. Loulou you and I think alike. I am also obsessing about the vintage rose Malden (maybe it is because we like similar colours, or maybe you are my long lost triplet! hehe).Jotje and I also have very similar tastes in Filofaxes. I hope it is in store for the Philofaxy meet up in March.

    And I still want a Deco but I am waiting for half price on the ruby.

  2. The Facebook link comes up with this:

    This content is currently unavailable
    The page you requested cannot be displayed at the moment. It may be temporarily unavailable, the link you clicked on may have expired, or you may not have permission to view this page.

    I suspect they don't want folks outside of UK viewing things on the Filofax UK FB page!


  3. Hmm that is strange Steve - wonder why they are limited people's viewing!!! I shall add in a screenshot!!!

    CP fingers crossed it will be in store - wonder if we could get a bulk buying discount? The Ruby looks lovely too - shame they are so damn expensive fingers crossed for a sale soon :)

  4. Loulou we will be as bad as each other in March! I cant wait to meet you!

  5. I cannot see the page either, which I'm sad about, but is probably actually very good - I should not buy another binder, but I love the Malden so much that I want the entire collection! Hopefully the vintage rose will come to the US as well.

  6. CP I think it is going to be a very dangerously expensive visit!! I can't wait it will be fab :0)

  7. The Deco is nearly half price here. Scroll to the bottom.