Saturday, 5 February 2011

The big reveal.....

So the big secret is out, finally, thank goodness. Mr P's recent guest post will have alerted you to some of the chaos currently filling my life at the moment. Now I won't be talking about that in much detail - as due to the overwhelming response he has received to his most fabulous blog post he is started his own blog to talk about boy things on. But what I will say is this..

(Hang on to your seats as its another list made up of 5 things....I do love a good list after all....)

1) Our NHS is amazing. Yes they get it wrong sometimes, yes it takes forever to get things done, yes they sometimes forget about you. BUT the care that Mr P has received in his current hospital (we tried out several in our journey for the truth) has been fantastic. Amazing consultant, fantastic doctors and nurses that are simply wonderful. I thank you all for looking after him so well on what as we often hear are abysmally low wages (especially compared to the obscene amounts of football money spent this week - sickening)

2) Once people know about the Big C the head tilt "are you ok" referenced in Friends by Tom Selleck's character Richard actually exists. Hilarious every time it happens, usually at inappropriate times with people I don't know well but I urge you to check that episode out and then try and not do the tilt. It is impossible not to!!

3) Being "strong" for your other half comes very easily when they are such a nice person. (Being angry at the injustice of it all also very easy) but it can be difficult. And the teary poor me moments take me by surprise when they hit. Thankfully just like the burn from drinking a good quality shot of liquor they very quickly pass. Just as well, as I really can't stand people who feel sorry for themselves and don't try and make the best of things. Point in fact - I get to eat all the chocolate that currently he can't stand. Winner for me (unless you are asking my waistbands as I think they are conspiring against me)

4) Most of the time no I don't want to talk about it. But thank you for asking. But yes please come and see us, talk to us, about anything. Lets remember that Mr P only has me a lot of the time for company - and have you any idea how boring I truly am dear reader? However all this time together is allowing me to demonstrate my multiple Filofax systems to him to try and wean him off his google calendar and back into using pen and paper!! Unlikely but I do love a challenge!!

5) Fripperies - many people may feel that my ramblings about Filofaxes, handbags, clothes etc recently could be deemed to be bad taste with the current state of affairs. I disagree, if I don't write them here then Mr P would have to listen to them instead of being able to scroll and ignore. That would be far worse for him I'm sure...

So there we go, apart from whining on about fuel prices or the hospital car parking debacle which I do, A LOT, that's my synopsis of what it is like to be a cancer sufferer's WAG.

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