Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday Tastic

So it is Monday. Again? Already? Blimey!

This was me on Sunday see here

Aren't the weeks flying by or is that just me? Thank goodness for planners and especially my super stuffed Deco otherwise who knows what mischief I'd be getting myself into trying to make sure I got everything done!!

So last week I started my Top 5 for the Week Monday posts - this is something I want to do every week - a motivator and reminder for me and a mind numbingly boring list for you dear reader but stick with it I'll try and add in a couple of witty comments if I can...

So this week's Top 5 are:
  1. GO TO GYM this was number 5 last week but I failed in my mission. I will however endeavour to change that this week. Go Team Loulou Go!! Plus I have added incentive of potential ski trip that I need to get fit for :0)
  2. Have a super productive work week - it is budgets time at my place of work as I expect it is for many, many others of you. This involves extensive planning, list making, spreadsheet creating and number crunching. All in all my favourite time of the year as it involves all the best aspects of my job. I'll be out gallivanting on Wednesday and I have some of my team off this week as well for holibobs (I can be a nice person see!) So it will be even more hectic than normal. Bring it on. To Do list I will conquer you this week!
  3. Continue the Planned Wardrobe idea that I started last week. This started well - hit a minor roadblock with things not ironed but hanging in wardrobe - doh! So Sunday night was ironing and planning night and I have all the ensembles for the week laid out (this may seem tragic but when you leave the house at around 6.45am and only get back at 7pm it makes life so much easier) So the week's outfits includes:
    • Smart Casual Monday - long indigo jeans, Breton stripe top, red heart scarf, and cropped black jacket. Tres Parisien and chic n'est pas?
    • Professional Tuesday - grey trousers, black blouse, purple patent shoes in preparation for proper work meeting type thing with a supplier
    • Comfy Wednesday - travelling day where I drive around 130 miles so it is jeans, Converse sneakers, white t-shirt and cream chunky wrap cardigan with grey leopard print scarf in case of chills
    • Productive Thursday - smart jeans, purple patent shoes, grey and purple flowery blouse,
    • Funky Friday - indigo jeans, black boots, cream cape coat, purple vest, black longline cardigan
  4. Have first go at making something from my new Yo Sushi cook book I love sushi for lunch from M&S or Tesco (we have no Yo Sushi or anything resembling it down here in my corner of Dorset) but it can work out mega expensive. I saw in the gigantic Tesco Extra that I shop at they sell all kinds of sushi making ingredients - it has it's own special section no less - and they were all so cheap I figured I'd get some easy recipes under my belt, lunchtimes sorted :0)
  5. Eat Better. I've been a bit lax lately at having my 5 a day, or some days any a day unless there was lettuce in a shop bought sandwich. It is hard at times to find the time to eat well or make something good for me - especially with Mr P and his heightened sense of smell and nausea that pops up a lot but this week will involve consuming fruit, actual real vegetables and drinking lots of water (in addition to my coffee and pop addictions)
So there we go, my Top 5 goals for this week. Nothing too earth shatteringly interesting lets see how I get on this week. Anything you are doing this week that is new or being improved?


Mmmmm yummy

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