Monday, 28 February 2011

Monday Tastic

Courtesy of google images
So another week has rolled around again bringing with it that purveyor of doom that is Monday morning, unless of course you are a positive person like me who thinks this is one Monday closer to her man feeling better and hopefully getting the all clear.

However for those still feeling a little negative just remember it is virtually March and therefore Spring is in the air (I have 3 daffodils outside my front door which proves it) so in that fresh springy frame of mind here is my Monday list for the week:

1. Busy Bee work wise
So we have nearly finalised the mega huge and important process at work and assuming that while on holiday my boss has not done himself a mischief snowboarding last week this should be the week that he reviews all my final numbers/plans/explanations - as I've said before I love this part of my job - creating the lists and plans of what we are going to do (and achieve) over the next 12 months. Makes me very smiley

2. Penultimate Chemo
This Wednesday is Mr P's penultimate chemo session. This is fantabulous news as we are coming to the end of a very long, very difficult few weeks for him with feeling like crap and weekly 125 mile round trips to the hospital. While he's not out of the woods yet we are hopeful that there will be good good news at his review in 3 weeks (altogether now fingers crossed people)

3. Battle of the Bands
Last year Mr P's band Hybrid played in a local venue's Battle of the Bands contest - and won!!!! This is because they are fantastic :0) And this Thursday they are back in action competing again. As it is only a tiny short set Mr P should be playing so it will be fab to see him out and about and playing again - being house bound most of the time is boring for him (there are so many Filofax conversations he will allow me to start) but it also means I get to go out too - purely in a transport/supervisory capacity you understand though!!

4. Heading up to the big smoke Friday
On Friday afternoon I am due in London for a meeting regarding data pooling. This is far more interesting than it sounds I promise! But it means a very long train journey (3 hours) living by the seaside is fab but it is a LONG LONG way from the big smoke....however this does also mean I'll be in London, near to SHOPS (might have to leave my bank cards at home to prevent temptation!!)

5. Sarah Millican new tour?
I had an email this weekend from the Sarah Millican newsletter - and she will be announcing a new tour and dates soon. Fingers crossed there will be some nearby to us so we can rock along for some giggles soon. Also she is on My Life in Books on Thursday - yep I'm obsessed. She's funny. Love her!!

I'm also looking forward to getting home tonight and finding hopefully Jessie J's cd awaiting me having preordered it from Amazon. Loving her cheerful tracks I've heard so far and I'm thinking it will be perfect singing loudly in the car music. Apologies in advance to all fellow drivers should you have the misfortune of pulling up alongside me at traffic list when I'm in full swing!!

So how is your week shaping up? Is the first week of March going to be a good one for you?



  1. Just ordered Adele's new album (21). Should be here tomorrow, and I'm all excited!!!

  2. It's month end hell this week, but my Filofax will be arriving any day so it's going to be fab. I think people at work are getting a bit concerned about how excited I am and that I'm going to order one for all my work stuff too. Have a great week, love to Mr P. LJx

  3. Ooh Jotje I really must get Adele's album I absolutely love the two tracks I've heard she has the most amazing voice. Let me know what you think :0)

    LJ your life is about to change to become so so organised :0) and having a separate work and home Filofax works really well for me because I make so many notes/lists for work and if they were with me everyday I would drive myself bonkers over the weekend. Plus once you have one they are so addictive all of sudden you end up realising you have 11!!