Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Pocket Experiment Part Deux?

So I was reading some Filofax blogs (I know I know you don't need to tell me the obsession is getting out of control) and I reread this post by Yvotchka on Put It On My Headstone about her set up in the gorgeous Aqua Pocket Finsbury and it got me thinking. Could this set up - combining Day Per Page as well as Week on Two Pages work for me?

Would this give me enough room to write my lists and notes but also have the overview of the year/week? Could this change in format work in the Deco?

I'm also still considering whether the City Dweller pack could be an option for the Deco - I've been lusting after it's cool girl about town sections since it came out - I desperately want to be the sleek, urban sophisticate as depicted by Carrie et al in Sex and the City (minus all the multiple man dating/humping/dumping I'm a one man type of girl and perfectly happy with the one I have thank you - those girls needed at least an A5 Filofax to manage their complicated social lives) and the Deco certainly lives up to that ideal.

Hmmm the sensible part of me thinks I should wait until the Filofax meet up and then I can look at and evaluate all the different diary types. The other part of me knows that I can't wait that long!! Filofax.co.uk shopping basket here I come.....


  1. Thanks for the mention : ) I must confess the Pocket is TOTALLY working for me...even three months into the year I have not even considered tweaking or changing my system.

    Once you get used to working with the 2 formats (DPP and WO2P) together, it is a breeze.

    I vote you give it a whirl!

  2. Just in case you are interested. Scroll down to the bottom, the Deco at nearly 50% off!


  3. Saffy nooooooo

    Oops just checked the link...Ebony and Ruby only showing - this I think is a good thing.....but give me 30 minutes and I'm bound to be obsessing over ordering one of them!!

    Yvotchka ordered just awaiting delivery.....maybe this will help convert me!


  4. Saffy is so naughty! She also sent me this link! Haha.
    I would have suggested waiting till the meet up but Yvotchka has already enabled you! ;-) Am I the only voice of reason?

  5. It started with this post... so you can blame me as usual!!


  6. Sorry, can't help myself, I just love a bargain and love to share my finds. The meet up seems so far away. I will have to have a look at that link Steve, I have been thinking of changing to a pocket. What to do?