Friday, 25 March 2011

A super Filofax weekend....

So it is now the Thursday before the Philofaxy meet up and I am knee deep in lists:

1) Which Filofaxes to take with me to show off (exhibitionist? Moi? Surely not)
2) What to wear (must convey sleek urban glamour in the big smoke and not seaside Dorset bumpkin - but need to be comfy for walking around all day and travelling on the train!)
3) Must remember my train tickets/railcard/phone etc etc
4) Which Filofax goodies I want to buy look at while at the Neal Street store (Vintage Rose Malden I'm a coming for you....)
5) Who else is going and what their names/blog names are
6) What to take with me to entertain me on the long long train journey each way (iPad you are going to be well stocked up again...)

I am really excited about meeting some of the really lovely people I've been conversing with over the past few months about our shared love of planners, stationery and of course Filofaxes....even if my Mother did find the idea slightly strange and Mr P is a little concerned I may be meeting up with a cult who may ransom me in return for my Filofax collection although he is probably more worried that I'm going to return with several more Filos after shopping with this group of enablers - of course if Caribbean Princess has anything to do with it that is probably a very valid worry!!

So here is to Filofaxing Mecca and meeting like minded souls....I'll be sure to report back soon!!


  1. Moi enable? Never! Hahahaha.
    I am very excited too. I have even done a post for tomorrow just saying that! Haha.
    DH has started reading my blog as he is in Singapore so now he will see any purchases! Oh dear!
    I have a short list but worrying now about whether to just use my Deco! And save my spending money for my vacation.
    I also need to pack my suitcase which I do not enjoy doing :-(
    Yay for tomorrow!!

  2. Hehe it is going to be fun, and resistance will be futile I'm sure once in the store! Packing is bleugh but the destination is fab so that will make up for it :0)

    Mr P has always read my blog, he too found out about my Deco purchase that way (I could've sworn I'd told him honest!!) I'm very jealous of your personal sized one - although I'm making good headway using mine finally

    Not long now!! x

  3. Have a great time - very jealous... :o)

  4. It was lovely to meet you today! I had a truly wonderful time. My flatmate had similar misgivings about the 'cult' of Philofaxy, he was half expecting me not to make it home and be found in a ditch somewhere tomoro... How wrong he was! Hope your journey back was alright. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon xxx

  5. Hi Jess

    Was lovely to meet you too much quicker journey home thankfully than the one up as no 45 minute delays etc hurrah

    Mr P was happy to see I was home safe but probably safe to say he was less impressed with the new addition to my Filo collection hehe