Monday, 7 March 2011

Monday Tastic


So here we are first full week of March and the weather peoples are predicting a massive cold snap coming - including snow! While unamused at this chilly turn of events at least hopefully it will be that lovely cold, clear weather - sunshine makes everything feel better. And after a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend which included some coffee out with friends, watching some good movies and chatting on the Philofaxy skype call I'm all set for the week ahead, so here is my Monday list for the week and it is another jam packed one!

1. Mr P's Last Chemo Session

So this week is Mr P's final chemo session, it has been a long 9 weeks in some ways but thankfully it does feel like it has gone relatively quickly. And this also means he should be soon getting his appetite back so fingers crossed we can start hitting up a list of eateries around our little seaside town including in no particular order - steaks at The Galley, a curry (lamb tikka bhuna mmmmmm) from our local takeaway, a romantic night at our restaurant Sense and enjoying a yummy Chinese too (yes I'm a food obsessed maniac - if you have to spend weeks not being able to cook dinner you would be too!!)

2. Battle: Los Angeles

I am so very excited about this movie, I am a real sci-fi fan and the scale of the effects look so awesome I just hope it isn't one of those movies where the trailer looks amazing and the film sucks so bad (2012 I'm talking about you!!). Fingers crossed I can convince Mr P to come with me to watch it in the cinema soon

3. New Filofax Inserts

So last week I was naughty and ordered the Filofax Gourmet Giftbox - the Gourmet card was the objective along with City Dweller diary pack - the Domino Filofax was just a free bonus :0) I had a happy few hours reorganising my Adelphi with the new pages. I'm not currently changing over to the diary pages from the City Dweller - I think the spacing maybe a little small but I really love their notepaper design and the To Do's etc. I'll make sure to blog about it later this week once I've played about with them all for a few days.

4. Silk

I got into this new BBC1 drama about Barristers through the wonders of the BBC iPlayer App on the iPad this weekend - with some really interesting characters and a plot arc that is going to be creepy as much as it is curious I think this is my new Tuesday night addiction!

5. Pancake Day and Lent

So this Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday which means only one thing for us not particularly religious types - pancakes! Yummy. My favourite filling has to be the plain and simple lemon juice and sugar mmmm can't wait! Here's hoping I can make some on Tuesday evening.

So what's in your Filofax this week?


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  1. Good luck to your husband. Fingers crossed that he'll be feeling perfect again soon!!!!