Monday, 28 March 2011

A Super Organised Day Out

So there I was on another train back from London, this time on a Saturday! And while travelling I was typing up a blog post on my trusty iPad once again. Only instead of travelling for work it was a far more fun event I attended...

I spent my Saturday meeting up with the lovely group of Filofax enablers from Philofaxy for a leisurely lunch at the Tate Modern where we all cooed over each others Filofaxes - yes the staff looked a tad bemused when they tried to serve our lunch and the table was full of diary pages, post it's and the most gorgeous highlighter pencils but we had an absolute blast flicking through each other's planners, looking at how we all plan our time and what the different binders looked like.

So roll call for the day was:
  • Mr Philofaxy Steve himself - who may have convinced me to look at the address software!! Watch this space
  • CP - who bought along her stunning Panama Pocket and a yummy Adelphi purse and was as expected fabulousness personified
  • Butanben - who I travelled up with part of the way and has the most gorgeous stickers of the whole group
  • Shazza - and a Metropol even more stuffed full than my Adelphi plus amazing crafty faxes hehe
  • Fiona - and the most amazingly soft and gorgeous Slimline Amazona absolutely lush - and the Baroques were so gorgeous in the flesh
  • Jess - who showed us the rare pocket Rose Classic (v pretty but so stiff no chance of that one lying flat) and her amazingly simple but effective system in a lush Pink Finsbury and we must not forget the most amazing Mulberry bag that given half a chance any of us would have tried to run off with
  • Adam - and the most amazing time management Filofax in the world ever. I believe he has found Filofax nirvana - his system works so well for him he wasn't even a tiny bit tempted to change either system or binder. An inspiration..
  • Thomas - who travelled all the way from Germany and bought us all highlighters that are pencils - OMG you read that correctly how have I never heard of these before? I love these thank you so much :0)

We ended our day with a visit to the Neal Street store, to peruse of some of the new products, a full post to follow of what I thought of these, but most surprising for me was that I didn't like ones I thought I would and loved one that from the pictures thought I'd hate.

So what did I get? Don't pretend you didn't know this was coming - in a Filofax shop with this group how likely was it that I would make it out without a purchase really?

Well here she is:

A lovely new A5 Filofax (for work therefore completely justified..) - an Aqua Chameleon which I really didn't think I would like so much when I saw the pictures but was really yummy in person. I saved some money as I bought her insert free as I have all the innards I need already really, but of course there were a couple of things that I just couldn't live without....

  • Some lovely blue notepaper to go with the new A5
  • A set of 6 new blank tabs - I'm planning a system refresh to match a new springy colour, streamlined and simple is my new mantra
  • And inspired by Adam some Results Planner sheets. These focus on setting an Objective and what the Success Criteria are to meet very excited to use these
To be honest after seeing Adam's system I am quite tempted by the whole Time Management refills section so will ponder on those for a change maybe next year!
Anyway a whole new post dedicated to the lovely Aqua Chameleon will no doubt be on its way very soon, and it really was a lovely day can't wait to do it again soon.



  1. From everything I've read on the blogs, including yours, it seems that you all had a FABULOUS time at the philofaxy filofax meetup!!!! I love your new chameleon a5 aqua - so very pretty! Once you get that up & running, more details, PLEASE!!!!

    I saw some photos of the new range on Philofaxy and I LOVE.LOVE.LOVE all the new grey leathers on the organizers; unfortunately, none of them have shown up on the USA market (hopefully soon?).


  2. Loulou it was so great to meet you. I am so glad you like your aqua chameleon. I think it is beautiful and may get it if it in the personal size if I can get a good deal in the future! Adam's Filofax is truly amazing.

    Aspire you will probably like the grey Malden or finsbury then. I hope the US stocks them soon!

  3. Lou Lou it was so great to travel up with you and thank you for letting me try out your i- pad too. Almost as amazing as a Filofax!!! Your A5 Chameleon was the one I liked the best in the shop too, apart from the personal Deco, which I have fallen in love with... utterly and totally smitten there. The colour of your Chameleon is so beautiful.So glad you bought that particular one,as it is just so gorgeous.... in my humble opinion. Enjoy. You deserve a treat amidst life's trials. Have a good week and enjoy setting your new FF up!!!

  4. She is soooo beautiful. I too will be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new ranges to the states. That A5 has my name written all over it!!!

    Lou Lou, I look forward to your future posts on the Chameleon! Thanks for the great photo btw!


  5. I've been hearting that aqua Chameleon for months...glad to hear its even more lovely in person. I was worried from the photos it might be a little 'dull' if that makes sense as I've been yearning for a very pretty aqua color. I also love the bright blue Finsbury which we cannot get in the US. I wish we had the option of saving $$ on an 'unfilled' Filo in the US but they don't offer that option online. :( Plus the UK offers more color options than the US but shipping is costly. I constantly check the sites for great deals so that I can justify the shipping costs. Very much enjoy your Filofax posts!

  6. I've read so many good things about the Chameleon, but until I hold one in my hands, I never really know what I'm getting. I need to buy online, no filofaxes where I live. Your post is making me consider it.

    Filo-lovers are such enablers! In a good way! (:

  7. I really love the Chameleons they just feel so lovely to the touch. The aqua is a really lovely colour - not as bright at the Finsbury Aqua but a softer more yummy colour :)