Friday, 11 March 2011

I Heart Post Its (and pens, and cards, and maps....)

While studiously working from home today (Pros - get so much more done, coffee run is just me and not a round of 8, peace and quiet. Cons - talking to myself, running out of milk, scoffing the still leftover from Christmas chocolate stash) I realised I'd nearly run out of post its. So now that the working day is done (well technically it was done about 4.5 hours ago but I had lots to do today) my reward is some stationery websites browsing yay (well it is only 5pm it's too early for wine'o'clock!)

And here is my stash from Papernation (and they've got 10% off all weekend using the code OK10PC wayhey)

Paris Post Its 

Paris Post Its  How cute are these. With our planned at some point trip to Paris coming up I thought these post its would be a super cute way to flag things in books/filofaxes etc

It's a Beautiful Day card 

It's a Beautiful Day card I loved the image on this card, it's super positive and such a cheerful message that I figured it is perfect for sending to a friend when times are rocky getting things through the post is always lovely (when it isn't a bill that is) don't you think?

I also got some more Lamy cartridges for my fountain pen in Turquoise yay.

Travel Notebook

I nearly caved and bought this Travel Notebook but as it was £20 I decided not to (saving for the Philofaxy meet up) I usually purchase a Moleskin City Notebook like this one for Las Vegas when I go away to a city for a weekend/holiday and I having used one successfully in Las Vegas and in New York and I was considering getting one for Paris. This was you have a journal of the trip all bound in one place: things I did, places I went, restaurants we ate in, amazing sights/sounds and experiences. I find they work really well as a guide/reference book for potential future trips and the Moleskin books are lovely.

Las Vegas Moleskin notebook

I do however now have the Travel Itinerary sheets from the City Dweller pack which in my Slimline Adelphi could potentially become a Travel Journal...a project for this weekend me thinks! Maybe while I'm at the Philofaxy meet up I'll look at the Travel Pack too.....

City Walks: Paris: 50 Adventures on Foot 

I've also just bought this - City Walks: Paris: 50 Adventures on Foot which is all spangly new and updated since the 1st of March. The pack consists of 50 cards all with a different walk in and around Paris. And as planning the trip is most of the fun these should come in really handy before and during our trip.

So that is my Friday purchase round up, anyone else been buying any lovely new stationery bits?



  1. oh I could see why you almost went for the travel journal .Looks like a real leather version of the Domino. I am excited for the March meet up but I have been very naughty.........Oh dear!

  2. Lucy, you are fantastic. Reading your blogs gives me links to the best websites to whet my stationery appetite, I haven't had time to browse through stationery in ages and paper nation is fabulous. And my Filofax means that I am now achieving some of my personal tasks for a change instead of just my work ones. Bens dad's over on Tuesday and should be bringing my new filofax inserts with him so I can get my life in order :o)

  3. CP what have you bought? Tell all :0)

    LJ yay glad you like the blog links - you'll have to take some photos and show us obsessives how you are using your new purchases :) You could do a guest post!!

  4. Such good finds! I loved reading this post :-)